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  1. And what sucks even worse, it says send the gun only into Remington. That means I'd have to dismount 3 scopes. I bet this deal is gonna make Timney rich!
  2. Ha! Yes, the fishing is always tough in SoDak. That 29" (11 lb) walleye I didn't catch in December certainly was not caught in SD..
  3. If you do the hand written paper form, simply fill the information out and mail it in. You should recieve your award document in a month or so.. Tell us what you caught!
  4. I like the 24" rods especially for jigging. Makes it easier to look down the hole while sight fishing. Also, if you fish out of a Fish trap style shelter, a 24" rod allows you to to tuck your jigging hole closer to you which will make more room for your heater, bait bucket etc..
  5. We use the midland gtx 1050 hunting coyotes. If you are on a lake I'd expect 10 miles with these.. on land 4 miles tops.
  6. I have never owned anything but a 10" auger. And personally, I can't understand why people hate the 10"? Don't get me wrong, you can easily land most fish out of an 8 or 9", but a 10" sure can make things easier imo. I'll glady pull an extra 5 lbs on the sled for this convenience.
  7. According to the Jiffy HSOforum, the weight difference between the 6, 8, 9, and 10" models is minimal.. •Clean - No gas •No gas smell on your hands •No Smoke - Can be operated indoors •Quiet - 4 Stroke engine is quiet but powerful. •E-Z Start - No priming, no choke, no flooding, and has mitten grip handle •Low Maintenance - No mixing of fuel •Low Emissions •BEST of Class - WORLD Class! •HTT (High Torque Transmission), Jiffy®'s proven heavy-duty clutch and optimum gear ratio, transfer more engine energy for additional torque •Stealth STXTM - Serrated RipperTM Blade and Power Point Blades last 2-3 times longer than other blades on the market, cutting 25% faster. The STXTM Blades have a 2 Year Limited Warranty. •Best Warranty in the Industry ... 2-2-2 Year Limited Warranty - 2 Yr Engine; 2 Yr Transmission; 2 Yr STXTM blades •Easy SnapTM Blade Protector •Ideal for Initial Drilling and Redrilling of Ice Holes •Available in 6", 8", 9" and 10" Drill Assemblies •34 - 36 pounds depending on drill size
  8. Just put a new tent on the Guide and all of a sudden I love this shack again. However, the one thing that I can't stand about it is the noise it makes while fishing in the wind. The pole joints squeak, clinck, clank, enough to drive me insane some days. So I took a couple swim noodles and cut them to fit over the joints. (These already have a 1" groove cut out so the fit on the pole perfectly). I then used electrical tape wrapping them tight enough so I can still slide them, but still tight enough that they squeeze the joints. Hopefully this will at least dampen the noise. I will be testing it out tomorrow in 20mph winds. I know, this looks really stupid but if it works I'll be fine with it.
  9. Rost

    Best auger

    I bought my Jiffy model 30 ten inch auger in 1995 and I have to say it's been about as durable as an auger could be. It's been through hell and still starts and runs like a champ. Thousands of holes drilled and still going strong.
  10. I had 3 or 4 .223 brass casings that fell into the defrost vent on my 2013 Silverado. I am wondering if these will eventually work their way down through the hvac system and end up coming out of the floor vent? Or are they stuck inside forever and if so, do they pose a risk to anything? My dad had the same problem. He removed the top dash cover then placed a plastic mesh on the vent. After reinstalling the dash you can't even tell anything as altered.
  11. I just bought a Buddy heather (refurbished) for $67 at my local bait shop. Works great so far.
  12. Depends- if you'd like to keep the gun white, than paint it and you won't have to worry about rust and messing with wrap every year. Personally, I think a white gun in the cabinet makes it interesting Here's a gun I painted a few years ago. Here's How: 1. Sanded the finish off (doesn't have to be perfect, just make sure the finish is roughed up. 2. Cleaned the stock with alcohol 3. Sprayed with white krylon spray paint- found at any hardware store. 4. used krylon webbing paint- make sure to practice on a different surface first as it can be tricky.
  13. My biggest eye through the ice. 29" Long and (believe it or not) 11 lbs 0 oz. The girth on this gal as unbelievable.
  14. 2013 SD Season- No monsters but a good season none the less. Glad it's over so I can move on to coyotes! Archery East River Buck- kind of a bad picture. I had to sneak out of work to find it the next day. West River Rifle- This was an awesome hunt for me! Shot on public ground. Took 6 hours to pack it out. East River Rifle
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