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  1. I purchased a new boatlift and need the old one gone.....it's steel, steel wheels but it works. My place is on Pleasant Lake near Rockville, shoot me a text if interested. 3207612805.
  2. I snagged a lot of reds at the mouth of the resurrection river down Nash [email protected] 20, 2012. Two hours before and after high tide. Paid a guy a five bucks at a small shack and had all my own gear......well worth it. lots of locals are down there and just using a weighted treble hook I and my son snagged a bunch of beautiful salmon over a couple of days (50 pounds of cleaned fillets) and also an awesome trip out of millers landing for a limit of Halibut, yellow eyes and black rockfish. I would highly recommend either method to put some nice fish on ice. Good luck!
  3. Just got back tonight with 170 lbs of halibut, sockeye, yellow eyes and black rockfish.. the salmon were easily caught on mcdonald beach in seward...son and I caught our limit of very nice fish Tuesday and Thursday also a flounder to boot. We did try the russian river where it meets the Kenai near cooper landing and some were catching but tougher for us....rivers were really running with warm temps and snow melt. I think susitna was closed....check ahead....Halibut in Seward were biting, we got our limit and saw one weighed at 185 lbs...a true beast
  4. I will up there June 14 to June 24......looking for the same question to be answered. I would really love to catch some Halibut but hitting a river or stream with lighter tackle for trout would be awesome...please continue to share any ideas !!!!!
  5. I am looking out the front window of my home at two guys fishing on the ice in front of the 400 club on Pleasant Lake......it was open yesterday...????? Told my wife I am thinking of going out....she wondered if life insurance paid up to date
  6. love my Voyager, lots of room and lots of fish.....thats my vote
  7. Newcastle Nut Brown Ale tastes great in my portable
  8. Snickers candy bar.......lots of energy
  9. GE(RCA) Superradio from fleetfarm, the best am reception you can get, been using mine for ten years, lasts forever on a set of batteries and you can "always find the game"
  10. For all of us that have owned and loved our furry friend we know what "Just a Dog" means, and when my buddy of 13 years went down for the long nap last fall I realized what a loss it was for my family, Labs4ME I hurt a bit for you, but as someone told me on this site a year or so ago just remember all of the great memories and it will surely bring a smile to your face as it always has for me. RIP Breeze.
  11. My son needs to go through gun safety before the Fall hunting season, does anyone know of any classes being offered in the St. Cloud area between now and Oct.? I checked the DNR HSOforum and Elk River is currently the closest class, we did use the apprentice deal last year so this year(my son will be 13 on August 16), he will need his gun safety certificate......any help will be appreciated.
  12. We stayed in a Tent, it was great, the site was like three tiers, one up above for parking, one with table/fire pit for eating, then walk down below right to the shore, like I said, I would highly recommend Lambs. (Get a shoreside site!!)
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