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  1. I buy into the greys being immature yellows theory. In the past I have left greys grow, for the most part these do not change size, shape, or color drastically, unless an abundance of moisture is introduced. A group of three greys I left grow a few years ago, one doubled in size and turned "yellow" while the other two dried up and died. At the same time, new ones (or small greys I hadn't noticed) popped up that were also giant yellows. It's possible these were different species growing together, but an immature "yellow" does look nearly identical to a "grey".
  2. I checked 4 silvers yesterday and all were dry - I will check them again tonight. This is in the west metro.
  3. Here is what I can report on size/growth this year. I found 40-60 "micro" morels on Saturday, 5/18. These were just emerging, tight grooves, averaging about 1/2 inch tall caps. Picked a dozen of the biggest just to get a taste. We got rain overnight so I went back 24 hours later on Sunday, 5/19. Most of them had grown, about doubled in size. I picked another three dozen that were now 1-1.5 inches tall. The relatively small grooves made cleaning them very difficult (I was glad I left more to continue growing). Visited the same spot Wednesday, 5/22 and found further growth. I picked two more dozen that were 2-3 inches tall. These cleaned up perfectly. Many of these were harvested from clumps I found the first day so I know these continued to grow over time and weren't new shrooms. There are still a couple dozen left that I am hoping to pick this weekend, if someone else doesn't find them first.
  4. Went for a walk this afternoon in the west metro and a few dead elm stumps had them popping like crazy. A couple spots had 30-40 scattered around them. Tiny little micro morels (about 1/2" tall). I'm hoping they grow overnight, and don't walk off in someone else's bag...
  5. I went out west of the metro on Sunday afternoon. A pair of mallards circled the decoys while we were setting up. Those were the only birds we saw on our lake. There were many flocks of swans moving, and several groups of geese as well. All of the ducks we saw were off in the distance and avoided our lake by a high/wide margin.
  6. This image answered my question. What you have shown here is exactly the type of anomally I get on my sonar from time to time (the perfectly straight 45 degree band spreading off the bottom). Clearly not a fish, definitely some kind of interference. I see your point that the original post is different. In my initial glance at his image I interpreted it the same as this interference you show here. My bad. Thanks for pointing out the difference.
  7. So I understand where everyone is coming from. I like the sonar image Truth posted, and I agree his image shows fish. But is this really the exact same thing that Cicada is seeing (I am only considering that one thick arc that gets cut off by the side of the screen)? Visually the two sonar images look completely different to me. Is the water depth and scale of the screen the only difference? When I get the occasional bar that originates on the bottom in 20ft and rises to within 5 ft of the surface, the ones whose thickness (not length) is half the width of the 4 inch screen (10X the thickness of other fish arcs), are these always fish? Are there any instances of interference causing unusual sonar patterns?
  8. I've seen this too. I don't buy the fish theory because the lines only appear in the ascending direction (some say this would be getting closer to the fish) but the line never descends on the back side. Seems common in 20-25 feet of water, and the lines will typically originate at the bottom and rise 15 feet or so. We often joke to "brace yourself" that whatever it is, is about to hit the bottom of the boat... I am thinking it is some kind of electrical noise/interference issue.
  9. I hunt out of a bright white alumacraft. I simply lay sheets of burlap/camo fabric on my fishing boat when I hunt late season/big water divers. Park the boat in some rushes or grass. If they come in low then you will be just fine.
  10. I find a few morels growing in my backyard in Eden Prairie every year. This year is no different, I found 2 on Sunday afternoon growing in my landscaping woodchips. I picked one to show my wife, left the second one to see if it would grow as it was less than an inch tall. As of last night this morel had doubled in size to almost 2 inches. I beieve the warm wet weather we have had played a huge part in this. Cool, and or dry conditions seem to stunt their growth.
  11. schr0563

    Christmas Lake

    Interesting. 141 Adults released. I think I will hit it again. There are a few swimming around in there somewhere... Thanks for the link!
  12. schr0563

    Christmas Lake

    I gave it a shot on Friday. 3 hours in the morning and another 3 hours in the afternoon. Didn't see any trout. My experience has shown me that if you see them then you can catch them. And the driving factor for whether or not you will see them, is how many are stocked in a given winter. In years past I have ran into the conservation officer out there who has had first hand info on the stocking numbers. Without that, I can only guess what was put in. I am sure there are some in there but I don't think I will be back unless I get word that people are seeing fish. All you need to catch them is a small panfish jig tipped with wax worms. I prefer a horizontal style in pink and white, with two waxworms dangled on the hook (I always squeeze them to make them flop around better). Then just jig 3-4 feet under the ice. By jig, I mean a fairly agressive pounding action that doesn't stop, just keep jigging. Sometimes they come in and take a look, or even a swipe at the bait, and then spin on a dime and comeback for a second grab. Point is to keep jigging. I have caught them up shallow in 3-4 feet of water, but prefer fishing the drop off (8-10 feet) because if you hook into one it is easier to bring in without all the shallow weeds getting in the way. Several years ago I caught seven of them in one winter. The smallest was 24 inches long. The biggest one weighed 9.6 pounds and is now inside a coffee table I made. (Only pictures I have are actual prints.) I've only caught two since then that were 18 and 22 inches long. I tell people that fishing on Christmas Lake it is like muskie fishing, definitely a fish of 10,000 jigs. If anyone else has info regarding what was stocked, or has reported seeing some fish, please share.
  13. I have been thinking about hunting the Minnesota River for waterfowl for the last couple of years. I've never done it however due to unfamiliarity with the areas you can/cannot hunt. Recently I ran into a CO who said guys use the landing off HWY 101 just outside of Shakopee. But looking at online maps I see the majority of land around this access is state park land and national wildlife refuge. So where do guys hunt? Do they drive up or down the river for several miles? Are the maps I'm looking at misleading? Are the parks or wildlife refuges actually open to public hunting (I just assumed they were closed)? Does the river itself have different rules than the land surrounding it? I'm not looking for anyone's hot spot, just some general advice about finding areas you can hunt on the river.
  14. What page is it on? The other day I was looking for this info and couldn't find it... Thanks for the help.
  15. Good reports guys, especially those who mention the area of the state where they were hunting. I was near Alexandria this weekend. Got four ducks (2 woodies, 1 bluewing, 1 redhead) and a goose on Saturday between my father-in-law and myself. We only managed 1 redhead on Sunday. Overall didn't see very many ducks but this rates as an above average opener for us.
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