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  1. I have a 2002 Johnson /Bombadier 50 HP 4 stroke EFI motor, Last night the tilt trim was amking a funny noise so I went to check the fluid and put the motor all the way up and waited about 10 minutes and unscrewed the top red plastic plug, a white milky fluid came out and continued to come out so I put the plug back in, How would I drain the fluid and refill with fresh stuff?
  2. Eric Osborn


    Has anybody used these before? Do they show the outline of everylake or just the big ones? Is the HCX with turn by turn directions worth it?
  3. Eric Osborn

    Radiant heat Pump Squels

    I kept thinking that but did not want to get the system all pressurised and them have them still squel. Does your system have a check valve in the pump? Or anywhere?
  4. Eric Osborn

    Radiant heat Pump Squels

    I have a Grundfos Radiant in-floor heat pump that I am installing on a new in floor heat set up. I got the first pump and turned it on and it squeled really loud so I sent it back to the company and they sent me a new one. The second one does the same thing. The pump does have a check valve in it. I was running them dry but only for a couple seconds. What could cuase this?
  5. Eric Osborn

    Class 5 gravel?

    I am probably going to have some hauled in this spring as well, how long of a distance does a load cover and how much do they charge?
  6. Eric Osborn

    mounting ????

    Cicada-Email me at [email protected], got a couple questions for you.
  7. Eric Osborn


    I am debating if it is even worth it but it does make it easier to sit all day. If the outside temp is 20 degrees or above it stays pretty comfortable in it. But it was a little chilly last weekend.
  8. Eric Osborn


    My spear house is only 4X4X5.5, it is insulated air tight with spray foam insulation. What kind of tiny heater would you recomend?
  9. Eric Osborn

    Decoy size

    I usually use on e fake 8 inch decoy and have a live sucker minnow on a line next to it. I do "generally" believe the bigger the decoy the bigger the fish.
  10. Eric Osborn

    Video release of locked bucks

    I see only pictures, no video.