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  1. Thanks for the comments. I am planning on sending my VPG in for the upgrade. I cant wait to use it again. Love the unit.
  2. I have the old VPG before it became the Showdown. Was wondering if the upgrade would work on mine? Any comments. Thank you.
  3. g3angler

    Boat Advice

    Don't limit yourself to just the three big brands. I currently own a G3 V180 from Yamaha boat company, have had it 3 summers now and love the boat. I was like you looking at the big three and thought there has to be more out there. I am very happy with it.
  4. I personally own a Yamaha and would highly recommend it. No problems.
  5. I currenlty own the Shappell 4000 have had it for 4 years now. It works great for me. I take my wife and 2 kids out all the time, it can get a little crowded depending on how much things the kids bring, but over all very happy with it. Very portable also and not heavy conpared to some other brands.
  6. I have had my Marcum LX3 for 2yrs now and just love it. I have had not one problem with it at all. I would highly recommend this unit to anyone. I even use it in the summer on my boat. My buddy is getting rid of his vexilar to purchase a Marcum this year because he likes how mine works with no problems.
  7. I bought one last year at Cabela's and I like how compact it was but it did not work for me at all. Never read the correct depth and it always said there was schools and schools of fish under my house. I returned it with in one week. The person at the return counter said they have had a lot of them returned since they started selling them for the same reasons.
  8. I have the shappel 4000dlx and it works great easy to set up, carpeted floors and lots of room. Myself, two kids and equipment fit just fine. just my 2 cents worth.
  9. Great video, that part of the river is great to fish.
  10. I have a question to ask about the Marcum. I have the ice package also and want to add to my boat. Looking at the trolling motor puckducer for it. My question is are you running of the battery pack or wiring it to the boats battery system?
  11. I am a deputy sheriff for one of the local countys. When I am not working I am fishing.
  12. I agree that you need to look around at other brands than the big three. I own a G3 v180 from Yamaha boat company and this is the best boat that i have ever owned. Owned a Lund long time ago and my brother-in-law owns a Crestliner that he would like to get rid of. So my 2 cents is just look around and you maybe surprised at what other manufactures make.
  13. Hi, my name is Jeff and I live in the south east part of the twin cities. I grew up fishing Mille Lacs and Minnewawa. I try to get out fishing when ever I can and when the boss(wife) will let me. I am pretty new to the forum and I am enjoying it. Thank to everyone that replied to the questions that i have asked.
  14. g3angler

    ice house

    I currently have a Shappell S4000 and it is starting to see some wear. I am looking to purchase a new portable and am looking strongly at the Frabill Speed Shak XL and I am wondering if anyone has this shelter and how they like it pro's and con's. I do want another suitcase style again.
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