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  1. csrandt

    Fine For Being On Early Ice

    I respect and appreciate the DNR for all they do, but I don't think it is possible to regulate laws for being on the ice early. Fishing and hunting are at-your-own-risk sports/hobbies. All they can do is increase the fines for pulling trucks and fish houses out. Maybe they should put more money into advertisements or run ice reports on the local news.
  2. csrandt

    Cordless drill w/ auger

    I also saw that on a fishing show over the weekend. I've been reading reviews for the last couple of days. PROS: light weight, no gas, good for early ice(maybe 6-12 in), quiet, no exhaust fumes in your shack, inexpensive assuming you have 18V cordless drill and hand auger ($15-$18 for the adapter). CONS: cannot drill many holes per battery(varies by conditions), works best on smaller diameter augers, strain on wrist(people said they had to be very careful at the end of the hole as the auger has a tough time breaking the last bit of ice), probably should buy or make a handle to stabilize and prevent auger from falling down hole, also, some people had to grind the piece that fits in the chuck for a better grip. I have not personally tried this but think I'm going to.
  3. csrandt

    Eskimo QuickFish 3

    Yes, this is a nice portable. It can easily fit 2 people and 4 holes with all the gear. Pack snow on the flaps (when there is snow) and you're fine without anchors. At first, it was tricky to get it back in the bag. After a few times though, it was easy. The only bad part of fishing is packing up and leaving.