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  1. TDomaille

    Power Pole or Talon?

    I have two Talon's on my Ranger. I have had them for 2 years now. Used them on the river in current, sand, rock, mud and wind. Never had a issue. Work flawless. I have used the Talon's on all sorts of lakes in Mn to Kentucky. Never have I had a issue. Leech lake has some sticky mud. They pull up every time and deploy every time. Very easy to install, easy to use.I would get the quick release brackets and wiring harness. If you want to remove them for any reason, it will only take about a minute. Two thumbs up!!
  2. TDomaille

    Minn Kota Talon

    I have used it a ton in the last couple of weeks. Very simple and strong. Anchors the boat very strong and sturdy. Even will stop you if you are moving slow.
  3. TDomaille

    Minn Kota Talon

    Who has one or is planning on getting one? I just got mine two weeks ago and love it. I would not own a Bass boat with out one. Smooth, quiet opetation. Holds the boat still in all types of water conditions. Installs very easy. You can get quick release mounting bolts and wiring connectors. You can remove it in under one minute. The new "J" bracket holds very still and very little if any movement.
  4. TDomaille

    New Dobyns Savvy Series fishing rods.

    I just got the news on the new Dobyns Savvy Series fishing rods. I really like the reel sets, new guides, sensitivity and all around style. Here is a link to the new rods. Check them out and see what you think!
  5. If you are shooting Black Cloud, make sure you do NOT use the original Patternmaster. The original has lugs inside the tube that can catch the wad and cause it to jam.
  6. TDomaille

    Torn ACL

    Thanks guys for all the help. I do not know what I am going to do yet. I am going to order a brace from Woundwear.com. They have a brace for the knee and I will try it. I talked with the Vet at Woundwear this morning and if this works, he may heal faster. Very interesting concept.
  7. TDomaille

    Joint Pain

    I have used Glucosamine with Chondrotin works well. I had a 13yr old lab on the stuff for 4 years. Helped a lot. You can buy it cheaper at the local Walmart ot Hyvee. By the generic and save money. I also have used Rymidal. That also works great. You can still use the Glucosamine with it. I have my 5 month old lab on Deramaxx right now. He has a torn ACL and I have to wait 4 months for surgery. Seems to work fine. Wh=en checking into Rymidal or Deramaxx, make sure you ask about side effects. You ned to watch them because to strong of dose can harm there liver. Hope this helps.
  8. TDomaille

    Torn ACL

    So I have a 5 month old Black Lab that tore his ACL. The Doc says He cannot have surgery for 4 months. I have him on anti-inflamitories and he is a mellow dog so keeping him quiet is not an issue. Has anyone had this done? How are they after recovery? Any issues?
  9. Quote:the notion that speed kills is starting to become debunked. faster starting pellets slow down faster, and in many instances will be traveling the same speed as slower pellets at 40 yards. if i can find the link to the published info on this i will post it but i believe it was in wildfowl magazine.... I would agree if were over 1550 shot. If you are shooting over decoys, almost any shot will work as long as you know your range and lead. Less lead= more speed. I still shoot everything from 1350-1550 and still prefer 1550 IMO.
  10. TDomaille

    Fall Top water heating up.

    I will say the Mississippi is on fire right now with a spook! Scott says a Black Jitter bug is working well around the metro lakes?
  11. TDomaille

    KVD joins Humminbird!!

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 2009 B.A.S.S. Angler of the Year Joins Humminbird® Pro Team Kevin VanDam Looks to Keep Winning Edge with Humminbird Side Imaging® EUFAULA, Ala. (September 30, 2009) - The most successful professional bass fisherman in history, and the innovation leader in the marine electronics industry, have joined forces in a quest to capture more tournament victories. Fresh off of winning his second consecutive B.A.S.S. Angler of the Year (AOY) title, Kevin VanDam is now an official member of the Humminbird® Pro Team and will compete in tournaments using the very latest in marine electronics technology. "Electronics are a key tool for me, and although I haven't had an electronics sponsor, I've seen the advantages that Side Imaging technology provides and felt it was important to have every edge I can get, that's why I joined the Humminbird team," said VanDam. "Fishing the B.A.S.S. trail, I am well aware of Humminbird's reputation for providing reliable, high quality products, along with great service, and that is very important to me." His most recent victory now gives the Kalamazoo, Mich., resident an incredible total of five AOY titles. He also took home the FLW Angler of the Year title in 2001. In addition, VanDam also has won two prestigious Bassmaster Classic tournaments. He consistently has been ranked the number one professional bass angler in the world by the popular Web site BassFan.com. "We are extremely happy to have the most recognized and respected professional on the bass tournament circuit today as part of our team," said Humminbird Business Director Jeff Davison. "Kevin VanDam's solid character, achievements and ability to promote the sport of bass fishing align perfectly with the core values of our company. We're confident that the addition of Side Imaging, Down Imaging, and SwitchFire sonar to his boat will allow him to demonstrate the advantages of this technology in competitive bass fishing." Since first being introduced in 2004, Humminbird's Side Imaging® fishfinders have become an important part of any serious angler's electronics package. Side Imaging technology provides picture-like images not produced by traditional down-looking sonar units. Several top bass professionals have credited Side Imaging technology as a key reason for success in highly competitive tournaments. "We raised the bar in sonar technology when we introduced Side Imaging, and again with the addition of Down Imaging, and we'll continue to work hard to develop game-changing products and features that will help anglers catch more fish," commented Davison. "And Kevin's unique ability to teach anglers new techniques in seminars and television appearances will bring the Side Imaging story to life in a whole new way." For more information visit humminbird.com, contact Humminbird, 678 Humminbird Lane, Eufaula, AL 36027, or call 800-633-1468. Johnson Outdoors Marine Electronics LLC consists of the Humminbird, Minn Kota and Cannon brands. Humminbird® is a leading innovator and manufacturer of fishfinders, fishfinder/GPS combo units, chartplotters, marine radios and digital depth gauges. Minn Kota® is the world's leading manufacturer of electric trolling motors, as well as offers a complete line of battery chargers, Trim Tabs and marine accessories. Cannon® is the leader in controlled-depth fishing and includes a full line of downrigger products and accessories.
  12. I shoot a lot of T's late in the year. The best all around load over decoys and even longer shots has been #1's. I shoot a SP10 and a Super X2. If you have never shot 1's, give them a try. Trust me you will not be disappointed. Also remember, Speed kills. 1500-1550 seems to be the best for me. All shot out of a Pattern Master choke tube.
  13. TDomaille

    Losing fish on swim jigs?

    If you are used to throwing Flouro or Braid, Mono will be like throwing a rubber band. You can use Mono if you want for swim jigs, but when money is on the line I would not throw it. Braid on Swim jigs does not rip a big hole in there mouth like if you were flipping. Most quality swim jigs have light wire style hooks and a lighter weed guard. Most fish will set the hooks them selves and not much force is needed to tighten the line on them. The just fight them in. I have very rarely lost fish on a swim jig. Most fish I lost was when I first started throwing them and used Mono. Flouro does not have mush stretch and works good. 15# Flouro is best IMO if you are not going to use braid.
  14. TDomaille

    Losing fish on swim jigs?

    7'- 7'3" fast action rod. 30# Power Pro. Very rarely ever loose fish. 15# Flouro if you do not like braid. 12# IMO is too thin of line and can break easy. 15# Flouro will do it with less stretch and better hook ups. We have has this discussion on line before. I personally use 30# braid in all situations from clear water to stained. Remember, the fish are hitting a reaction lure and want to eat it right now so IMO they could care less about seeing the line. Also to light of action rod can result in lost fish. Most fish on a swim jig should and will set the hook them selves. If they throw the hook, most of the time it is because there gets a little slack in the line. Hope this helps.
  15. TDomaille

    KVD blanks on Final Day

    KVD is ONE of the best. There are many out there.