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  1. yeah got tired of the factory cheapie went out got a muddy about 7 years ago best 100 bucks I spent don't even looking worn but notice ill have to get new one in few years but thing is now I do wear it
  2. they giving her hard now most beans r out on the high ground some corn started but think be long fall with all the wet spots
  3. well way our party looks at it few days of something new look at plus a cheap trip
  4. I heard guy down in iowa does it he has good luck with them
  5. OK need some direction/ instruction here. Would like to learn on more how to jig for walleyes. I been taught mostly how to troll now would like to add more to my fishing game. 1 what type of jigs should I use? ( weight, type, head shape and stuff) 2 how to use them drifting or and anchor spots? 3 what kinda a bait or plastic to use when. I know a lot of you have good info on this just never got to learn I tried and failed so always went back same old thing. Thanks for your help. Btw I fish mostly metro or Hutchinson area
  6. All I can shay shoot a lot of bows before you buy. I did that ended up with one I love to shoot. I think I shot like 20 diffent ones that day so a bit of a work out lol. Plus if u take a day off from work go during the weekwhile everyone else is working you do get better one on one service
  7. ok so where the best place to buy them at?
  8. In need for new battery for a trolling motor which one is good one without breaking the bank.
  9. I buy mine from the mountain and get the warranty have done this for a few years they cover everything plus except loss. so for 20 or 40 bucks I get new ones every year right now. All I do is call before the year is up and send them in and get a check week or two later. I have a pair of costa and love them.
  10. I did the same as monstermoose did except I did two instead of one. I lifted my voyager in the rafters that way. plus stuff had stuff in it and on top.
  11. one reason not eat that weird dumb stuff lol stick with the basics corn peas and beans and tators
  12. I got one last year and I like do the fact just another thing to make sure u doing everything right. I think I shoot better now but pins are nice and bright and is quiet. I got mine on the river
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