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  1. UMsmalliez


    This would have to be the most worthless thread ever. Complete ignoramus!
  2. UMsmalliez

    Be honest which are you?

    You said it Fred Bear. I am definately a #2 by this description. Although I usually don't mind it much if people come around, as long as they don't make a racket. And I'd be more than willing to tell them what I'm using and how I'm using it. I am 27. I know plenty of old timers who aren't too happy to have other people come around when they're into a bite. They clam up real quick if you ask them anything. And I also know young folks who do the same. I don't think age has anything to do with it. To me it's all about personality.
  3. UMsmalliez

    Keeping fish on the ice

    A 23" bass would most certainly be going back. After all the measurements and photo of course. Would have to get a replica. But I would have to say that I do keep more fish in the winter. Well, any fish in the winter is more than I keep in the summer. The winter is when I target pannies so I would say it is a species thing. Summer is dedicated to Bass. All c/r.
  4. UMsmalliez

    Refurbished Aqua Vu Scout

    What's the return policy on them? If it's no different go for it.
  5. UMsmalliez

    Fine For Being On Early Ice

    Personally I think this is ridiculous. People need to do what's best for their own personal safety. From the sounds of it the guy who fell through on Medicine wasn't familiar with early ice or what steps we take to ensure our safety. #1 you don't go out one early ice alone. #2 you take it slow, checking the ice as you go. It was a tragedy, but I don't think everyone should be punished for it.
  6. UMsmalliez

    Jiggging raps for pannies

    I always use them to decoy pannies in. When the screen fills up I drop something else to them. If they're real aggressive I'll keep the rap down there but I usually get more w/ spoons and jigs tipped w/ something.
  7. UMsmalliez

    minnow traps

    When Jack still had the shop in Anoka he told me the guy he got his bait from trapped them from waters around the area. I think he said the Rum. Not sure though. He always had great bait.
  8. UMsmalliez

    What's the smallest jig people are/have used?

    Here are a couple flies I tied. #18 hooks.
  9. UMsmalliez

    minnow traps

    So what about bait shops that get trapped minnows? In the regs it only says not to transport if the body of water contains Eurasian Milfoil. I would say, if your not sure if it has EM, don't do it. But if you know that the water is free of infestation go for it. Wild bait is the best bait.
  10. UMsmalliez

    What's the smallest jig people are/have used?

    I use a ty rite hook holder. Improved clinch knot is a flash. Here's a link.( very bottom of page) http://www.thetroutfitter.com/catalog/accessories/streamacc.html
  11. Not sure I own any bleeds. Ohhh you mean blades, I just buy new ones. I tried and it didn't work.
  12. UMsmalliez

    chubby verses jigging rapala

    Another one for the rap. The chubbys look sweet, but I can't em' with it.
  13. UMsmalliez

    I'm just not sure? live bate or not?

    I like to keep a little of everything. Gulp can be dynamite some days and no good others. IMO you really can't beat some wriggly little euros. As for pike, when jigging you can get away with all kinds of artificials. Tip-ups are pretty much live/dead bait for me.
  14. UMsmalliez

    hole size

    I was booby trapped by a 10" hole last year while running. Messed my foot and ankle up pretty good. A 12" comes out and I'm wearing snow shoes.
  15. UMsmalliez

    What's the smallest jig people are/have used?

    Yeah, I think I might give an 18 a shot. I tied up some really cool clown/icecream midges in a 18. They look $. I'll try to post a pic if I can ever find the dang camera. The wet flies are a good call. Gonna have to give them a try too. p.s. Looks like the smallest Marmish is a #14.