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  1. 50inchpig, the article you are refering to is the one I wrote. Thanks for the nice comment on it. In reference to the the 3 50s buried I suspect the person releasing them didn't realise they were not able to adjust to the high water temps and the depth from which they rose to hit the baits. It would not be wise or kind to go into depth on the internet as to who did it and why. My point is that open water fishing can be good when done correctly using the right techniques. Using the wrong techniques it can be harmful to the fish.
  2. Some lakes are better for open water fish than others. I have done some open water trolling for many years. Several years ago I wrote an article for EA magazine when that was still in print that described some techniques. One thing that concerns me about open water trolling and I have first hand experience with some of likely casualties is running baits too deep in warm water. It can be very hard on fish coming from deeper water up to hit a bait. I had a good friend bury 3 50s one day that were very likely caught open water trolling in sunny warm conditions. Also, not all lakes have open water bites. I am with Brian Lucky 13. I'd much sooner cast and work structure than spend hours mindlessly trolling hoping to score a fish. Based on some first hand experience if you are going to open water troll do not run baits too deep and do not troll in warm water.
  3. Jim at glittertail can make one for you. He does custom colors and I believe he already may have that color combo.
  4. dido on the glittertails. On glittertails blades can be quickly changed out or the skirting. One year on LOTW they wanted nickel blades. I switched from orange blades to nickel and boated 7 fish up to 50. But I guess the gurus say color don't matter?????
  5. Tim, I wish all guides shared your perspective on the resource! That fish was a tank. Like a good friend of mine says its hard to hide big. Appreciate your faith also.
  6. John, Good post. I was burned years ago very bad!! I learned to block out even the background if I choose not to let the world know.
  7. I am not a big fan of the Flouro leaders for the reason Brian mentioned. I also know of people who have had the line bit through. One was on a supposed would be pb. This last winter I tested a bunch of different style leaders. I didn't use a weight test alone, but a Jerking, bouncing, twisting and weight test. All the flourcarbon leaders that were crimpted failed relatively quickly in the test and all at the crimp. That is the weakest point on that leader. The tied flourocarbons were substantially more durable. I had a few made for me that are tied and not crimpted. I will also be using them for only a few rare applications. I use mostly single strand wire with sure locks. On the flouro leaders the knot that was used in the test I had run is the same that I think Stealth tackle uses and Lee Tauchen.
  8. I am looking at getting a few new lures this season. Magnum Raddogs, Super D's, Jimmy baits, and more glittertails. The main thing I am going to do is modify some of my existing lures to change the actions and responses. As far as the glittertails. There is a difference. I throw cowgirls still and like them, but there is a lot more diversity to the glittertail. I had one glittertail last year that I think had two low 40 inchers, a 48, 49, 49, 51, 52, and a 53 before it had no tinsel and the blades were toast. (I nearly cried when the lure was toast) As Ace said the Glittertail has some different features that seperate it. Kind of like the difference between a jackpot and a weagle. The jackpot would not be a knock off of a weagle although they are both walk the dog baits. I still use both the jackpot and the weagle.
  9. I am amazed at how many people dislike Hellhounds. There was a evening early season that Hellhounds were the hot bait and yes I caught fish on them. I think 3. I suspect the reason for disliking the Hellhound may be the way it is being worked over structure.
  10. The reason we fish muskies is for the trophy aspect. I rarely take a photo or measurement of a fish under 47 inches anymore unless there is something unique about the fish. I already have way too many fish photos. I love to look back on some of the earlier fish I caught even if they are in the mid 30 inch range though. When I am with a fisherman who has not caught many I always measure on a bump board and get at least couple of photos. To a fisherman who has caught 100s of fish does it matter if it is 43 or 44 inches. Who cares and why bother measuring even. To the newer muskie fisherman or someone who does not catch a lot of fish. Take a measurement and a picture and enjoy.
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