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  1. I do subscribe to MHM. I vaguely remember the Maas article. For some reason I catch more muskies in open water over 40 feet deep than trolling over areas say 15 feet or less. I am always looking for that key to locating the fish that muskies feed on but have not figured out that puzzle. I see more people pulling baits over the abyss than I used to.
  2. My wife leaves the room when Gillespie does his slobbo routine. At least there is some emotion in that show.
  3. Looking for some help. A couple years ago someone wrote a good article about musky trolling on Leech lake. It was in Outdoor News. I wanted to read this article again but of course I had tossed the paper. Called Outdoor News. They said if I could identify the issue this article was printed in they could find a copy for me. Any chance one of you die hard musky guys kept this article. If I had the date, volume and issue info I can maybe get it from the Outdoor News.
  4. I have played both Sony and Samsung DVD and Blue Ray players thru my Samsung 32inch flat screen TV's. I have to crank up the volume almost to the max to hear the movie. No, I am not hard of hearing Ha! What's up? Watch tv thru the cable box and no problem.
  5. I have a brick patio. There is moss growing between the bricks and it looks bad. What can I apply that will kill it. This patio is in full sun all day so can't believe this stuff grows so well.
  6. Will be visiting friends in Upstate NY this summer and was wondering if anybody has ever stayed at and fished near Thousand Island Marina near Cape Vincent, NY. Is the bass fishing and musky fishing any good. How are the cabins at this place?
  7. I bought a new Sony MP3 player. I have a lot of CD's so I loaded them onto my Windows PC (windows 7) Media Player file. I have no problem loading tunes from Media Player onto the MP3 player. I have no clue how to buy music on line and get it into a form I can use to load it to the MP3. I tried buying a song from Amazon but I have no clue where it ended up. I could grab the nearest 9 year old off the street to show me how I am sure but I thought I would go this routs instead.
  8. I would go there in June or july depending on cabin availability.
  9. This resort is on Stevens Bay just north of Nestor Falls. Any body ever stay and fish there? Considering a trip there next year. Musky and Bass are the desired species???? Any input would be appreciated.
  10. A year ago I replaced my entire heating and cooling system including the thermostat. I recently noticed the temp in the house only drops 1.5 degrees before the thermostat calls for heat. This causes the furnace to run often for short periods. I emailed the company and they said this was normal as their units are programmed to do just that. They said it keeps the house temp more "even and comfortable." I say this is overworking the furnace and I think I should replace this thermostat with one that allows for a bigger drop in temp before it kicks in the furnace. Any advice on this? By the way, the thermostat cannot be adjusted. I asked.
  11. I recently picked up a Go Pro. I am copying the files from my laptop (Windows 7) to discs. The CD's have very little space so I bought some DVD+R Dual Layer discs made by Memorex. They have an 8.5GB capacity. I can record only one file per DVD. When I try to add another video file the computer rejects the disc and sends me a msg indicating the disc is not writeable. Am I using the wrong discs? The files I am working with are about a quarter gig in size.
  12. Fished Lac Seul from 7/26 - 8/1. There was a major bug hatch and a persistent north breeze pushed across the lake all week. Fishing was slower than last year but if you kept moving fish were there. Used spinners of all colors and types but smiley blade spinners seemed to work the best. Reefs with wind on them produced. We fished all over the place from McKenzie, South Bay, Windigo, Manitoba Point, Bay of Islands. Most fish caught from 20 to 28 feet. Shallow areas like Lost Lake did not produce at all. Good luck all.
  13. I need to transport a 55 inch Samsung flat screen TV 38 miles by truck. Can I lay it down on its back? I have an Avalanche and can lay it down on some padding if I need to.
  14. I am looking for open water fishing with the guys. We mostly fish smallies and we put in a day or two looking for muskies.
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