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  1. I put a Yamaha T8 on my Reata about a month ago. it's a great motor and allows me to troll under 1.0 mph. I have a tiller model vs the trollmaster at the wheel.
  2. I purchased a Ranger Reata 1850 this spring and, so far, I love it although the hull separation comment makes me a little nervous. I also looked at the 486 and everyone I spoke to said if you can afford it go with the Ranger. The boat works great for fishing and has a bunch of applications (ski pole, windshield, flip seats) to work great for my family. I added a kicker and electronics to the bow and back and everything lays out very well. I have also had to call Ranger with some quetions and their customer service is great.
  3. Have you had a bad experience with the St. Cloud Crystal Pierz?
  4. Thanks for the heads-up and I'll be making some calls. The boat is new and I think Ranger puts the motors on their boats at the factory so I'm hoping they wouldn't put on a motor that doesn't work. I purchased the boat from Crystal Pierz Marine in St. Cloud. On the tiller question, I'm so used to sitting on the back of the boat to troll that I'm not sure I can adjust. Is your's a tiller or remote contorl?
  5. I went out this weekend and purchased a new Reata 1850. I had the wife and kids in the showroom (kids are 4, 5 and 6) to give it a once over. The boat has a 175 Yamaha 2-stroke. I'm having them put the bracket on the back, but, I chose to hold off on the kicker as I wanted to get some input on the what people thought about the throttle control at the wheel vs. the hand control at the motor. I'm nervous about not having the same "touch" control and feel I get when my hand is on the tiller vs. the hand throttle and steering on the wheel. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  6. Great response and what I wanted to hear. Sounds like you and I were cut from the same thread as far as fishing goes. I'm headed up tonight to look at the boat. I appreciate all the thoughts on this topic. I'll let you guys know what the outcome is next week.
  7. The boat I'm looking at also has a kicker on it. Need the kicker for the fall trolling bite. The only lake I fish anymore is Mille Lacs. Your comment about it "fishes better than I thought it would" makes me a little nervous. I'm fishing out of a Alumacraft Trophy 170 today which works great, but was hoping the Reata was going to be a great upgrade both for the family, but even more for the fishing.
  8. I'm thinking about buying a Ranger Reata 1850. I really like they layout and size of the boat. I've got 3 young kids and a wife and it seems like the perfect family fishing boat. The boat I'm looking at has a Merc. Optima 175. Does anyone own one or has anyone fished in on. I'd like to get some thoughts about what people think about the boat.
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