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  1. I bet that TMBeard will be all over this one, he is looking for a good deal on a 24V motor. I will e-mail him to contact you.
  2. Looks like as a resident of IA, my archery fee for MN would be just a bit over 200 bucks plus general hunting licenses and any required habitat stamps. Seems like it is a lot better deal to pay the rifle fee and have a higher % of taking game during a shorter visit. (Fewer lodging nights) Maybe the MN DNR would rather have an influx of non-residents carrying high-powered rifles that may not be an option in their home state seasons. (like Ia) Is there any chance that this it tied to some Ammunition manufacturer in MN? They may be selling a LOT more centerfire rifle rounds in the coming years to Non-residents. Good luck this season, I think I will save the trip costs, and hunt a Northwest IA cornfield instead. Mrkastni
  3. This may seem like a dumb question, but how do you limit the dog's activity during the recovery time? If I put her in her crate, she will try to dig out of it. (past experience) Beagles are pretty high strung by nature and this one will be pretty excited to come home. The said it would be ok to transfer her to the kennel in the same facility for 7-10 days or so. Then they can monitor recovery and she will be closer to "back to normal" before se gets home. Sound like it would be worth the extra stay? She is doing great, and the whole tract seems to be working.. Mike
  4. Thanks for the entertaining stories and well wishes. Vet just called.. Two and a half hours of surgery and we have recovered the bag and fixed a hernia. After two weeks of recovery, she should be back on her feet and looking to chase the bunnies again this fall. A lot of human friends have come and gone, but the canine buddies make the biggest impression, don't they? Mike
  5. Hey guys, this seems like a forum to vent this a bit. My 3.5year old beagle is currently having surgery to remove a plastic shopping bag from her belly. Not sure what got into her, the bag actually contained clothes for my daughter, not food. Just another thing to keep out of reach of the animals in your family I guess. I am worried about her, but the vet says it is a pretty common surgery. Anyone else have dogs that have attacks of poor judgement? I feel like I am as much to blame, but I would have placed that as way low on a dog's priority list of chew toys.....
  6. I would get a loan against that car. The interest rate will be lower than the card rates and it is at least "something". Not a terrible thing to have a car payment, unsedured credit card debts are crummy though. I have been in this situation before too. Trust me you are not in as bad or a spot as you could be. My route would be to borrow as much towards your car from a Credit union and apply it towards the Highest rate card. then do what you can to pay down the balance if any as you can. Another good thing to do is to contact the credit card customer service dept. and ask for a lower interest rate. If they decline to give you something in the 8-10% range, transfer balance to a more attractive rate card, and close the first one. It can save a ton of money. Just my thoughts from experience... Mike
  7. Ben, I agree wholeheartedly! The main reason I 3D's, is to hone skills for the "on" season. Practicing the 30, 40, and 50 yard shots, makes one very confident when placing the 10, 20 and 25 yard shots on a living animal. I also agree that there are certain situations (especially Western critters) that no not allow that 20 yard broadside shot that we all dream about, but in these parts, I am usually able to hold out for the under 25 high-percentage shot. I commend anyone who knows their effective range, and sticks to it in the field. mrkastni
  8. I read in the paper a couple weeks ago that the store was a GO in the Council Bluffs area. I am about 80mi north of that, but still closer than the nearest Cabelas. See you there in a year or so! mrkastni
  9. Sounds good Jack! I will make it a point to swing by! I'll be pulling a white Blue-fin/Merc behind a Green Tahoe. I look forward to meeting you, maybe the fish will cooperate too! Mike
  10. Yep, TM has it right! Was great time, but not a lot of success as far as gamefish. I am heading to the Brown's Snyder's and Blue area south of Sioux City this week, maybe will have better luck. Possibly, hit something for my 9yr old to have some fun with. Mike
  11. Probably all of the above. Walleyes are a prominent quarry. Good luck, and if you are looking for a really good meal at a decent price, be sure to check out JoDeans's buffet/steakhouse! Wife and I went up there from out place in Sioux City a couple month's back. Great food, and I think we were out of there for under $20. Post as to how your visit goes, I have been meaning to get back up there to fish later this summer. Mike
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