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  1. Just wanted to thank all of those that volunteer for programs like this. Even after hours of trying to teach youngsters to cast, tie knots,etc. they still havethe patience to sit with a 2 yr old and get her to smile and enjoy the experience. Again, hats off to all those that volunteer. To other fisherpeople, try it sometime, you might be smiling more than the kids!
  2. My friends and I always wonder what kind of jobs people have when they pull into the landing with their 20+ footer with 200+hp motors? These are usually pulled with 30k+ trucks! I'm not knocking people that have them, I just wish I could get the wife to justify me getting a 60K+ fishing rig! Stay warm on Sat!!
  3. Has anybody tried these? I got a brochure and it looks like the real deal. A bit spendy ($1700-$2200), but after years of fighting standard jack systems then ending up leaving the camper on permanently, I like the idea of using my pickup for something other than hauling a camper. Any input pro or con will be appreciated.
  4. Scoot I too became a non-res of ND awhile back and if it is still the same, gun season is closed to non-resdents, but is open to archery up to x-amount of license on a first come first serve basis. Better yet, check out the ND Game and Fish web site.
  5. Animal I talked to the inventor, a Professor from Oklahoma in the late 80's about the Color-C-Lector and told him it didn't work. His reply was just because it said use green and you caught fish on red, remember it only gives the best color not the only one. I guess in lay-mans terms it means they were worthless. Be glad your only out a buck!
  6. Has anyone stayed at this place in Lakota near Devils Lake? Had some friends stayed their last fall and they said the hotel caters to sportsmen even kennels for bird dogs and was reasonable priced. Would like to hear before next weekend what anybody thinks?
  7. A few years ago sitting at the local pub one nite a couple of drunks came in and were talking about ripping off fish houses. Soon a few guys got up and went to check on their houses. Sure enough they were ripped off or vandalized. Knowing these drunks they checked their house and low and behold everybodys stuff was there. After retriving all their gear back they went to the bar and started saying how houses were ripped off and even one house was burnt to the ice! You can guess whose house got torched. Never had a problem with those low lifes again.
  8. kindafishy

    T/C Encore

    Was curious if anyone who has oneof these had the trigger tuned at E. Browns or Virgin Valley? They seem to be the ones who deal with them. Also does anyone on here shoot the black powder version of this gun?
  9. Was curious the pros and cons of using steel roofing for siding on a crank-up. I'm not sure what the exact weight is compared to aluminum, but price is a fraction of aluminum.
  10. Just curious what everybody uses for a deer camp. Most of the time I hunt out of my pick-up camper. Through the years I've been in wall tents, old mobile homes, cabins, and even a Holiday Inn one time. Let us know what your "cabin" is like. They are almost as diversified as fish houses.
  11. The 45-70 is a fun round to shoot. I don't think it's to big. Yes, people will say it's overkill, but being a hundred years old makes it a little romantic. Being heavier and slower than most mid range centerfires it is still an accurate round. So keep your shots under 200 yds. and you will be fine.
  12. Sun. Oct 19th I seen what looked like a wave wacker on the shoulder of the southbound lane of 494 just north aways of Minnetonka Blvd. Just hope this helps whoever lost it.
  13. That's the length I've been thinking. Already got lots of storage AWAY from the bench itself so clutter isn't a problem. Other than the press being bolted down everything else will be stored and use temporary bolts and wing nuts to hold in place and put back when done. My old bench was too big and ended up being a juck collector that had to be cleaned up everytime I wanted to use it. 6 ft. will be big enough to leave my plastic gun vise on when done and still be long enough to work on guns when not reloading and keep it from ending up a female craft table. I reload a few different rifle cal. 300wm, 270, 25-06, 243, 220swift and a 44mag. Still got shotshell reloaders but haven't used them that much the last 10 yrs. Thanks for the feedback.
  14. My wife is going to let me move my reloading equipment into the house from the shed. It's only a 10X10 room but alot warmer in the winter. Just wondering about the size? Was thinking about 6' which gives me plenty of work space and won't be the junk collecter my big bench was out back. Let me know of down falls and advantages to big and small benches.
  15. The shooting is a tragic story. As for storage I think it's a sign of the times. Growing up with guns in the house we always played cops and robbers, but never dared touch the guns unless dad or grandpa were there. Having kids of my own I used to put guns in glass front cabinets because guns are pretty to look at. Now I got grandkids they are in a safe out of sight and not accessable to anyone but me.
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