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  1. I built one a few years ago with the floating slab with floor heat in the entire building. 1/3 garage and 2/3 living. We added a woodstove for the primary heat source when at the cabin. My only advice is keep it as maintenance free as possible. The outside has a metal roof and siding. Remember to get as many bids as possible for the work you plan on not doing. Contractors are very hungry for work and you may be suprised by the huge swings in prices. Good luck...
  2. Umm...not sure about the slush being frozen? The jury is still out if the the lake will be safe. That is alot of snow to plow. That will be the next challenge.
  3. OUTDOORS NOTEBOOK: Mountain lion didn't come from Greenbush, Camp Ripley Archery hunt etc. compiled by Brad Dokken Grand Forks Herald - 11/02/2008 Mountain lion tale: A trio of mountain lions caught on trail camera eating a deer carcass didn’t come from northwest of Greenbush, Minn., officials say, despite a popular report making the rounds over the Internet the past couple of weeks. According to the erroneous report, the trail camera photos “were taken near Russell’s cabin 18 miles northwest of Greenbush.” Problem is, no one ever seemed to know who Russell was. According to Stan Wood, manager of the Roseau River Wildlife Management Area, correspondence between Minnesota Department of Natural Resources officials and biologists from the South Dakota Department of Game, Fish and Parks conclude the cats were photographed near Keystone, S.D., in the far southwestern part of the state. As the cougar cruises, that’s more than 700 miles southwest of Greenbush. One of the cats also is sporting what appears to be a yellow ear tag, which South Dakota officials have attached to several mountain lions as part of a research project in that state. While these particular cougars were nowhere near Greenbush, the presence of mountain lions in northwestern Minnesota certainly isn’t out of the question. In December 2004, a radio-collared mountain lion spotted near Arvilla, N.D., later was tracked to a remote area of the Roseau River WMA. That cat later slipped across the border into Manitoba and hasn’t been heard from since.
  4. Wrong about the location. Here is the truth. Quote: Yes the pictures came from South Dakota. They came from my relatives place outside Keystone, right on the edge of Hayward in the Black Hills. Garrett Schweitzer Natural Resource Specialist NW Joint Board [PoorWordUsage] Box 189 Bison, SD 57620 (605) 244-5222 X4 [email protected] Machohorn....those photos have been on the ND HSOforum for over a week..
  5. This is for ND residents only. I refuse to hunt ducks in ND when BCK get the first crack and blow all the ducks into SD!
  6. I have gone through several of the Tilla models. I am currently on my fourth year of the professional II. The equivalent today would be the turbo plus. I have had a few seal problems and had to purchase new seals directly through Tilla and had great customer service. Each year I probably seal over 200 bags. Hope that helps. Plus, I have sealed 10lb chickens with my current unit.
  7. Difference in type III and V have no bearing, it is the fact that the lifejacket is a inflatable. The difference between a III and V is that V will flip-over an unconscious person in the water so they will not drown. A type III will not perform such a duty.
  8. This one is a no brainer, keep it out of sight and don't get loud in the evening hours and no one will bother you for drinking. Good advice about the can-cooler or into a plastic glass. When I worked in Itasca, got alot of free beer from rowdy campers. Another FYI, if you are drunk, go to bed or stay in your campsite. That is one easy way of getting kicked out of the park!
  9. You will have to walk to the lake from Bearpaw campground. In some cases probably no more than 50 steps! There is good fishing on the north end of the campground and also off the west end. Good chance of using a slip bobber at either location for panfish and walleyes. Good camping. Try Lobos on highway 200 for good food and beverages. Just take a right at the north entrance. About 2-3 miles down the road! Remember there is a limit restriction for crappies on Itasca.
  10. You can park next to your camp site. Probably no more than two vehicles.
  11. eyemaster, Ifalls is correct, Pine Ridge is approximately 1/4 mile from the boat access/bike rental and 1/3 mile from the beach. Probably less bugs, due to it's not on the lake. Bear Paw is on the lake, plus has better swimming than the beach, but further distance to travel from the other sites. If you get the chance see if you can rent the cabin on Squaw lake, the only cabin on the lake other than the group camp. Good luck, Woody
  12. Excellent photo. You are one great "trooper" when it comes to trapping. Woody
  13. Check archives, I have a great recipe back from 2/06. Woody
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