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  1. could you recommend a CD or 2?
  2. He plays acoustic guitar, he has a very unique style, he plays up on the neck of the guitar. He is a local guy, grew up in Mpls and now lives in WBL. check him out on you-tube, his song called Fingerdance is featured on a Purina one dog food commercial.
  3. I am wondering if there are any Billy McLaughlin fans out there? I want to get my wife 1 of his CD's (we already have Fingerdance) and am looking for recommendations? Thanks, sjb
  4. A follow up from last weekend. We spent 3 nights at Spirit Mountain, Saturday - Monday nights. The campground was full Saturday night, and really very quiet. Sunday / Monday night was 25% full or so. The bathrooms were clean and nice. The spots are wooded, some spots are pretty small, others are very spacious. some spots are flat, others the fire ring might only be able to put chairs 1/2 way around. You can't beat the convience, gas/propane/goodies 1 mile away, the harbor a 10 minute drive away. We would go back.
  5. I am wondering if any one has stayed there, and what there thoughts are? We are thinking about heading up int that direction for a long weekend, and Jay Cooke is booked. Other recomendations are welcome?
  6. Is it okay to overseed and fertilze at the same time? I always thought is was 1 or the other?
  7. I am wondering at this time of year am i better off fertilizing or overseeding my yard. I have some spots in my lawn that are very thin, and most of it is thin. Which would i be better of doing? feeding the existing grass or trying to thicken up the lawn?
  8. SJB

    FM hockey pucks

    thanks for the invite, i'm in.
  9. SJB

    FM hockey pucks

    i'd love to play also, depending on space. [email protected]
  10. Wow, I've been watching the weather out there, they are bracing for snow. There is a winter storm warning in effect out there. The Going to the Sun road is still not open, there are 30 miles in the higher elevations still closed,and I'm not so sure it will be next week when we are there. Bummer!
  11. We haven't decided for sure where we are going to stay, most likely two medicine or many glacier campgrounds. the fishing poles are already packed and ready. traveler, i will also be in a forest green dodge minivan, myself, my wife and 2 daughters. we will be arriving sunday night, we are spending 2 nights in Whitehall MT before we head to Glacier. I've been watching the weather and the roads and hoping the going to the sun road is open by the time we are there. The other thing we are going to do is bring the handheld gps and do some geocaching why we are there. We are thinking about going to flathead lake also for a day.
  12. The family and I are leaving next thursday the 12th for Glacier, We are going to be tent camping. Any camping, sightseeing, or fishing thoughts that any one would like to share?
  13. I am not sure what VNP is. All the sites are first come first serve, so I would say the earlier the better. There are plenty of camping sites on Vermillion, you should be able to find a place. Your fishing ??? should be directed to the Vermillion section.
  14. Head to the Vermillion forum and look for topics discussing camping on V. I know most of the Vermillion fishing maps you buy in a store will have the camping locations marked on there. What kind of info. are looking for? I can try to answer more questions?
  15. SJB

    Toews to Blackhawks

    What if Hobey Baker signs with somebody?
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