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  1. Lots of oysters found near Maple Plain this past weekend.
  2. AKA - Dryads Saddle. The outside inch or two are good if young but get rubbery as they age. If you can easily scrape away the pores with your thumb nail they are good. My opinion - Scrape the spores off and throw away spores. Fry the remainder in butter, don't overcook.
  3. Found 20 perfect size yellows this morning in south central mn. Also as many pheasant back mushrooms as you could eat. Time to get a rib-eye and some asparagus.
  4. Lots of sap over the last week. Cooked down as much as we could and pulled taps. Done for the year. Turned out nice to begin with, than a couple week break, then a fast run.
  5. Sounds nice. Partner headed that way on Friday. Hoping it is running today and tomorrow, at least enough for a boil on Saturday.
  6. Cooked 65 gallons of clear sap near Little Falls, to make 1.5 gallons on nice amber syrup. I really like the flavor of the red/amber syrup the best.
  7. NOAA says 29F for the next two nights, I hope they are right. Partner cooked off 50 gallons yesterday from Saturday and Sunday.
  8. That's good news. My Little Falls page is east-southeast of you. If you have sap, I likely do too. Keep the reports coming Gissert. I set one lone tap around Mankato yesterday morning for fun and some drinking water. Sap didn't drip, it poured out. Probably had 2 gallons by evening. Interested to check it when I get home from work.
  9. Set 44 taps on Saturday in Little Falls area. Most were providing sap. Collected about 18 gallons on Sunday morning.
  10. Just checking in. Surprised there is only one 2016 comment. Mankato area is seeing sap according to locals. Heading north to Little Falls area to tap the sugar bush today. I am guessing there has been a light run here and there, but thinking/hoping a big run is coming in the next week or two. What are the rest of you sappers seeing?
  11. Found a lot of Oyster Mushrooms near Maple Plaine on Sunday. Unfortunatly storms from Friday night left 90% of them as a mushy mess. Found a few protected ones though.
  12. Here is the first evaporator I made. Stainless steel sink from thrift. Had a local metal shop weld the drain closed. It worked well and was cheap. Made a few gallons with it. Sheet metal protected the block for the most part.
  13. Cooked down 150 gallons of sap over the weekend for 4 gallons of amber syrup. Puts me at 5 3/4 gallons for the year, plenty for me. Pulled taps and cleaned up. Sap was still running nice and clear. See you next year.
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