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  1. I have not tried the smoking tube. Maybe i'll give it a try but overall i love the pellet grill.
  2. I'll chime in! I had a electric masterbuilt smoker for years till it stopped working. I now have a pellet grill and love it but the masterbuilt electric had a stronger smoke flavor then what i can get out of my pit boss. But overall love my pit boss.
  3. I have the blue tips and i love them. The battery life seems to be great, never had a problem. I like how it sends the report to your phone.
  4. I finally picked only my fourth one of the plant today. Normally its way more.
  5. We have had sea legs on our pontoon at are cabin for 15 years they are the best thing ever. Just one less lift to have to take out of the water in the fall. The only thing we have had go wrong is we have replaced the remote one time. They are well worth the money. Over the years we have had some pretty bad storms and they hold up way better then if it was on a lift. Cause its all the way out of the water
  6. I'm now having the same problem with my zucchini. Never had this happen before but like said before they are getting about 4" long and then starting to rot off?
  7. My favorite is the xland'r made by final approach. They are low profile and fold into a backpack for easy storage. And not to mention that they wont break the bank.
  8. For field hunting ducks and geese they work really well.
  9. For baby back ribs use the 2/2/1 method and they will turn out great.
  10. My opinion is the wood one like said before seems to be a little louder and they hold up pretty well.
  11. Just watch the temp so they don't dry out. I have found that jerky is the best thing to do with them, otherwise take them to a meat market and have sticks made those are really good.
  12. Try planting them in straw bales. That what i did and they turn our great. Plus no weeding
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