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  1. For baby back ribs use the 2/2/1 method and they will turn out great.
  2. My opinion is the wood one like said before seems to be a little louder and they hold up pretty well.
  3. Just watch the temp so they don't dry out. I have found that jerky is the best thing to do with them, otherwise take them to a meat market and have sticks made those are really good.
  4. Try planting them in straw bales. That what i did and they turn our great. Plus no weeding
  5. We had the same problem with are jiffy and had to take it in and looked at. After getting it back it has worked good ever since.
  6. I have a 30" masterbuilt and love it. Have two racks of ribs in it right now.
  7. Good thing we got rid of our other kicker!!
  8. Nothing better then good sweet corn in the winter!!
  9. A case of pork bellys would be quite the investment. At costco just the one i got was $32.
  10. I think they were around $4 a pound at costco as well.
  11. Looks good next time i do another i would have done the whole belly. I did some in burnt ends and some into bacon. Next time it will all be bacon family loves it.
  12. I hate to say it but we had lots of hail on sunday morning and it took every cherry tomatoes that i had off the plants. Tons of green ones. I think the plants are going to be done for the year.
  13. I would say the same thing as big dave. I would wait till it cools down some and then put down some fertilizer. Its hard to keep things looking good through the hot days of summer unless you are watering all the time or you have irrrgation.
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