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  1. otterman91105

    Canning time

    Nothing better then homemade pickles. We did 84 quarts last year but the kids didn't eat all of them so we are going to skip a year.
  2. otterman91105

    Jerky making

    I'm at the same as eyeguy. I do mine at a temp of 160 till it has a good bend to it but looks right
  3. otterman91105

    Time for a smoke

    Sounds good thanks for the input
  4. If so how do you like and witch model do you have? I used my brother in laws SR450 and it works super good but cant see spending $700 and some dollars to kill mosquitos. I have been looking at the SR200 and its half the price just wondering if anyone has used the 200 and the pros and cons to it
  5. otterman91105

    Time for a smoke

    How did the burnt ends turn out? I have a pork belly that i want to do just not sure if i should do half in bacon and half burnt ends or do the whole thing in one or the other
  6. otterman91105

    Time for a smoke

    Those sure do look good.
  7. otterman91105

    Hose timer

    I bought a battery powered one a few years back from menards by the brand name Gilmour and it works great. I use it on a rain barrel that is connected to drip irrigation in my garden.
  8. otterman91105

    Meat slicer are they worth it?

    I got it in the mail yesterday looks nice comes apart easy for cleaning. I wont get around to doing bacon till mid august so it might just have to sit till then.
  9. otterman91105

    Meat slicer are they worth it?

    I just ordered the chefs choice 615 i cant wait to smoke some bacon and use this slicer.
  10. otterman91105

    Meat slicer are they worth it?

    Could you slice pork belly in to like 1/4" x 12'' pieces of bacon on it. What model is it? Thats about the price that i would like to spend. I would only use a few times a year.
  11. Hey everyone just wondering what people think about the $100-200 meat slicers? I don't know if i would use it too much so it don't need to be commercial grade. Just would like to slice some corned beef and smoked bacon once in a while. Another question would be i see you can buy different size cutter blades but can you slice bacon on most of these.
  12. otterman91105

    Pork belly bacon

    Thanks for some of the tips. I will try it in the next couple of weeks when i have time. I have read to smoke till about 150 internal temp does it make a diffrence if it goes to 130 or 150?
  13. otterman91105

    Pork belly bacon

    Hey everyone my wife bought me a pork belly to try to smoke and make bacon out of it. Does anyone have any advice i have never done one before. Sounds like your brine it for a while then smoke then let cool and slice. But it would be nice to hear from people that have done it.
  14. otterman91105

    What's more aggravating?

    For me it would be not seeing it before you line breaks just cause you dont know how big or what you even had.
  15. otterman91105

    Pickling Pike

    Do you guys ever find that the northern you keep in the winter stay more firm then the one you keep in the summer?