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  1. Pike Stabber

    ice Tongs?

    i saw a nice pair just the other day at a pawn shop here in st.cloud. i think they were asking 30 bucks. old cast iron type.
  2. Pike Stabber

    Pike Identification from muskies

    excellent responses, the pictures were perfect to clarify! thanks to all!
  3. I would greatly appreciate some helpful advice/tips on how to tell the difference between northern pike and muskies when we are looking at them from above. i believe this is very important for the newcomers (like me) to understand so we dont make the mistake. thanks guys/gals!
  4. Pike Stabber

    New to spearing got some ?'s

    i was spearing out of my fathers eskimo flip over on a fairly overcast day, and it was much too bright inside. i had to throw the elastic travel cover over the front top part of the canvas to darken it up enough so i didnt see a glare on my spearhole. it helped enough, but there are better portable houses out there. i am soon to get a canvascraft, or a shappell 6000 hub style house. the canvascraft will last a lifetime if properly cared for, but the shappell weighs next to nothing, for super easy portability. i could stick all of my spear gear in my little mercury tracer!! anyhow, buying a spear shouldnt be too much of a problem. i need a new one myself, and by just looking around at larger baitshops, i have found those beautifully crafted amish spears. you cant go wrong with one of those, but you have to drop a bill on one!! worth it though. i also saw two cheaply made spears at gander mountain in forest lake for around 50-60 bucks. either way you look at it, if you save a little more money up, and go for the best, you will be perfectly set up for this great sport. hope it helps, merry christmas to all!!!
  5. Pike Stabber

    Recommendations for easily portable spear house?

    ok bass, scratch my question - i found your pictures, and this is the house for me!! should have it by next week. i even have some nice royal blue carpet leftover from my living room carpet job, so i will be in a luxury house!! i will put some pics up when i have it all together...thanks for your posts and pics!
  6. Pike Stabber

    Early morning hardwater

    i usually get most of my crappies in the morning. an hour or so before sunup till right after the sun breaks the treeline and starts getting bright. then i switch to spearing pike and tipup fishing till noon. that is my most productive fishing. of course if i am on new water, the approach is a bit different....
  7. Pike Stabber

    Recommendations for easily portable spear house?

    bassNspear - is your canvas craft a suitcase style, or is it a sheet of plywood. i am trying to decide between the shappell 6000, which has the darkest interior of the hub style houses, and the canvas craft 4x8. i want durability, but i need portability. i dont care about the weight, i just need something i can fit into my buick century. thanks for the help!
  8. Pike Stabber

    Pictures of my ice block puller-cheap to make.

    ice thongs dont sound too comfortable there, bassnspear
  9. Pike Stabber

    Fish House Heating Question

    i have made 2 of my own woodstoves and they work well. if you dont maintain the fire well, then you do get varying heat output, but it has worked well for me. i only burn oak and other hardwoods because they burn longer - less stoking - and they also put out the most heat. im kinda old fashioned i guess, but there is something about having wood heat as compared to propane. it warms your bones, and propane just heats the air. ok, nostalgia overkill.....
  10. Pike Stabber

    Reel Weeds set up

    i made my own, and of course, the manufacturer says not to do that - but i have had great success with them. i have varying lengths from 4 ft to 8ft, 12 strands total. i use them on some lakes in the BWCA because - believe it or not - they have virtually no weeds in the winter. mostly boulders and gravel bottom. putting out all of those weeds really makes a habitat for spooked fish. perch, northerns, they come in right away and they work great!!
  11. Pike Stabber

    Crappies - which location is it?

    mojo - man! this guy has been to college!! i hit the weeds for the morning and evening bite, then i find em suspended over basins close to stream, river inlets outlets, etc... weeds next to that nice basin area is best, or so i am told by much older, grumpier fisherman......
  12. Pike Stabber

    spud bar

    ive found some for 10 bucks, and 10 bucks shipping on an online auction. i bet you could guess where. eskimo name brand too...do a quick search of their HSOforum auctions, or look under sporting goods, and fishing.
  13. Pike Stabber

    Best line for jigging walleye?

    i use gamma cuz the thorne bros guys talked highly of it. ive tried alot of lines with memory problems - even with just a little on the spool. best line ive ever used for ice fishing. very low memory, doesent freeze up, sensitive enough......great stuff!
  14. Pike Stabber

    Looking for a good darkhouse spear?

    how would someone find/buy an amish spear? i hear they are quite nice. should i look around at the hardware store or local baitshop? i drive through the long prairie area every now and then, i could pick one up sometime.
  15. Pike Stabber

    ICE Show Hours

    i went to the show last year when that snowstorm hit - i think it was on a sunday - and holy cow!!! deals galore, there was basically nobody there because of the storm and people were trying to dump all of this stuff for cheap, i was wheelin' and dealin' like crazy!! i got a nw pair of vex bibs for 60 bucks!! i was a happy man to say the least. definetly go the last day to find some deals, and dont be afraid to heckle down that price......