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  1. HUMMER 55

    New home made ice house pictures

    It weighs 960 pounds after the spray foam and hole covers where installed. (give'r take since it was weighed on an elevator scale)
  2. HUMMER 55

    New home made ice house pictures

    I have a Hobart 210 welder. found the torsion stub axles online and modified them from there.
  3. HUMMER 55

    New home made ice house pictures

    All I got bro.... The quick easy slide lock on the outside towards the rear holds it up off the ground and there is a safety pin that needs to be pulled on inside to allow it pivot as well, So for road travel there's a secondary hold on the axle pivot for any external failure or emergency.
  4. HUMMER 55

    New home made ice house pictures

    Just over 4k finished
  5. HUMMER 55

    New home made ice house pictures

    Had a little fun this spring and early summer building this up from scratch, I had no plans, Just a few pic's from last years ice show and I went off those to create it. it is all Aluminum 6' x 10' plus the V front. I spray foamed the inside and under the floor a few weeks ago and finished installing the 6 hole covers and rattle reels. It has 5 LED lights inside, with full LED external lighting for the road. Just thought I'd share some pic's. Now we just need some ice!!!
  6. HUMMER 55

    Share your Favorite Ice fishing Photos

    at age 4, gett'n the hang of it!
  7. HUMMER 55

    Anybody have a better spring bobber ?

    you could save more if you buy more than one as the shipping wouldnt be double i dont imagine.
  8. HUMMER 55

    Anybody have a better spring bobber ?

    ya, been there done that. doesnt seem to be as good as what im running now, not as sensitive, but its "ok" as my opinion. thanks !
  9. HUMMER 55

    Anybody have a better spring bobber ?

    $5 ea. $2 shipping. If you want more than one ill combine and figure out a total, i think i have about a dozen of them new in the box yet. some of each weight. micro lite, ulta lite, light, medium.
  10. I have found this to be the best way to go for a spring bobber, but im just checking if anyone else has a better one? These are especially nice for outside on the ice for pan fishing!! With 4 different weight wire compounds you can fit these to any size fish your looking for. You can clamp on and go or do like i did, j.b weld them on your rod and slip them in a rod sleeve and im all setup for different style fishing. they dont freeze up outside real bad either do to the loop size. if your interested in them email me at [email protected] i have a some spares as i bought a case of them a few years ago and will be moving so i'd like to clean house a bit.. Cass'r
  11. HUMMER 55

    Fish House Build

    What are the demensions of the frame ? maybe you could say the rectangle part in one demenision and then how far out the "v" is ahead of the front cross beem. looking to make one myself. thanks ! Cass'r
  12. Does anyone know where to sharpen a hand ice saw? Its 20 years old and getting tough to cut spear holes!!
  13. HUMMER 55


    Ok, so heres how it all boils down. Just thought i would share this incase anyone ever has he same issue as i did: I called Mr. Heater, they where very nice and where sorry for what happened and they asked me some questions as to how it was hooked up, what we where doing with it and so on. all was normal and correct. The contact was very intersted in seeing the heater and a picture of what was damaged and ect. he also offered to send fed-x in to pick it up. and they did, the next day.. So i waited about 3 weeks and i got a call back and there inspection team that die-sects there warranty units came up with no conculsion as to why it burnt up partirslly due to the fact it was so heavily burnt. he said this is the FIRST heater they have ever inspected without having a solid confirmation as to what happened. Ok so what now.. he asked me what the value of lost items where and i said well the house new and some small thing in it would be roughly $530 and the heater is $100. he said they want to make it right me and said that they would send a new heater to me at no charge and write a check for half of the damaged property. I thought WOW thats more than i would ever ask for, since the house is 3-4 years old ! I just got the heater on thursday and a check in the mail on saturday !! this company was great to talk to, great to deal with, and they felt terrible for what happened, i was impressed! if you ever have an issue with a mr heater these guys are there to help ! now i have to find a new house for next year.. good thing the store clearances are coming out !!
  14. HUMMER 55

    Nils auger blade, new or exchange ??? where to go ...

    Thanks. ill email frank !! CASS MASTER
  15. HUMMER 55


    The hose style was one that screws into the spot where a small 1lb tank screws on. it was in the side that wasn't burnt(right side in pic).