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  1. Still need to punch out a deer tag, then its full ice season concentration for me. Middle December (16th) is my goal.
  2. Monster bucks. Congrats to the hunters, harvesting and outsmarting bucks of that nature is not an easy task.
  3. We as a hunting population need to agree to self-regulate or allow the DNR to impose even tighter antler and limit restrictions to bring back the “glory days”. However, how much of the decline in deer age been hunter pressure, and how much natural causes and overall human pressure? People by and large are spreading out more and more, which means an increase in deer to car collisions, changes in limits to appease the insurance companies, etc. I think the “big boys” are around still, just not everything is “big”. Increased projectile technologies (in both slug, rifle, arrow, and muzzleloader), better scent covering technology, better clothing technology so the average Joe can stand out there longer, and adjustments in DNR regulations have contributed to the increase in harvest. Saying you pass up smaller/younger bucks is noble and something I admire.
  4. Congrats to your son for his first Buck and you for showing him hunting! I also agree that a .243 should be plenty, but bullet weight/casing and placement will be key.
  5. That is a great idea, bagging the outer layers with leaves.
  6. niterydr

    Road kill deer

    Good questions. Does anyone know the official process for claiming a roadkill, I would imagine calling a CO would be the place to start, advise them of the scene location, and ask for a tag?
  7. "Sunrise" 8:07, so probably get out there around 6:30 and get ready. Last season the moment it got to where shapes could be made out with the naked eye, all I could hear was shooting...pretty crazy.
  8. http://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/to?...Zones&csz=1 I figured 6am is safe for most to be "out there" and could maybe see a deer.
  9. Camo blaze jacket and bibs, camo blaze hat, blaze ski mask for those cold days, blaze mitts.
  10. Having run into a few PL police officers, it depends upon who you get. Asking for permission is entirely on the route you need to take to get to the lake.
  11. I'll take it please, live in Savage. I'll pm you my phone, let me know when I can pick it up. Thanks! -Josh
  12. I was out on Medicine Lake for early season ice 6" or so, very clear. We were using my hub style fish house, heard the crack coming and saw it come right thru the MIDDLE OF THE FLOOR. No water came up, but we all decided it was time to move after that. I've spent nights out on Ottertail in January when the ice is well over 2' thick, all you hear is boom boom boom, especially when the idiots are hauling across the lake at 40+mph...
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