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  1. gardn184

    Matthew layoffs

    The No-Cam TRG is a target bow that's why it's 1800. It's geared to a very very small percentage of shooters. The pricing is pretty much right in line with what Hoyt is charging for their target bows. The no cam HTR or hunting bow MSRP's at 1100 so most shops will sell for 1050. Right in there with everyone else.
  2. gardn184

    Matthew layoffs

    I think it comes down to a saturated market, and improving manufacturing processes. We used to have a Mathews and a Mission rep. Now our shop has one internal sales rep that does both. Does it suck when people lose their jobs, absolutely. Some of them were my friends. To quote one of them that lost their job though "That's business". However we haven't noticed a drop in customer service or quality of the product. The new mathews No-Cam HTR is gonna be a big hit this year there's been a ton of buzz and interest. As far as price they are right in the same wheelhouse as other manufacturers Flagship bows. They have the Mission line for a price point bow.
  3. Sounds like a pretty decent season to me.....try hunting northern Minnesota where you don't see a deer for weeks sometimes. It's the rut it only takes a minute for a bad season to go to a great one. Think positive and sit in the stand as much as possible. That's the best advice I've been given. Good luck and get after it!
  4. gardn184

    Tree stand

    We use them for rifle season in Wi, great little stand for walking in and setting it up quick. Pretty Comfortable as well
  5. gardn184

    Set up

    I use a millenium hang on with the portable climbing sticks, it's light and has a bracket. It's slick you can purchase multiple brackets and leave them in a few tree's that you've already prepped. Simply climb up the tree with your sticks, pull the stand up and slide it in the bracket and you're ready to rumble. Did I mention the seat is the most comfortable thing I've ever sat on!
  6. gardn184

    Anyone get a new bow this year?

    If you're in the Duluth area stop by Custom Archery. The Eccentric is a screamer with a relatively easy draw cycle for a speed bow. We've sold a few, and the guys shooting them love em.
  7. For all you northern minnesota and wisconsin boys we'll be having our last shoot for the summer out at Mont Du Lac Ski Resort in Superior, Wi. Friday night two man best arrow night shoot, spaces are limited so call Custom Archery at 715-399-9900 to get signed up. Saturday and Sunday daytime just show up and shoot!
  8. gardn184

    Anyone get a new bow this year?

    I'm shooting the Creed XS this season, shoots great for being a small bow, perfect Thick woods whitetail killer. Creepworm have you looked at the expedition line of bows? Basically the same as the evolution and it's made not too far from you. We picked them up at out shop and they shoot nice!
  9. All I know is the numbers make me excited to get out and hunt this fall! I'm sure it isn't the glory days our parents and grandparents experienced...but this is all we have, and if they say the numbers are up great! If they say the numbers are down....oh well I'm still gonna hunt just as much! I don't understand the mistrust of the DNR and FWS. It's all a baseline, as long as they utilize the same methods year in and year out it provides a standardized approach that will tell you if there's more or less ducks. Maybe the exact numbers aren't right, but the overall status of increasing numbers or decreasing numbers should be relative.
  10. gardn184

    City Limits Deer Hunting

    That's the beautiful thing about the Duluth city hunt. We have an earn a buck stipulation. Forces everyone to take a doe.
  11. We have both a money round and non money round up here in Duluth for the Heritage 3D shoot. The normal round during the day is just for fun but you can certainly keep score if you want too. We have a 2 person scramble for money at 5pm Saturday. If you haven't shot a 2 person scramble it is a ton of fun. If you're up near the land of snow and ice stop by and fling some arrows!
  12. Here's the information for our last indoor 3D for anyone interested! This will be an awesome event for the kids and the Adult 3D range should be a great time as well. Grab a partner and come shoot the Team money round at 5:30 on Saturday night!!! Any questions call Custom Archery and Outdoors
  13. Here is one of our shoots we'll be hosting up here in Superior, Wi this spring! Sorry for the short notice but it took awhile to lock down the venue! The shoot will be held at Fieldlogics production facility. Any questions feel free to call Custom Archery and Outdoors at 715-399-9900
  14. gardn184

    2014 Archery Season/Trips

    I'll be hunting around the Twin Ports area for Whitetails but me and a buddy are contemplating an early season antelope hunt in NE before school starts. It'll be hotter than sin but it'd be fun to chase something different for a change! I'll have a few waterfowl trips scattered in the fall as well. Anyone ever go to NE for an OTC antelope hunt? I assume we'll be hunting water holes that time of the year but there's a ton of public land and we'd likely go down two weeks before to scout and try to get permission on some private land as well.
  15. gardn184

    Wisc. Crossbow 2014

    I'll apologize ahead of time for this novel...but it's an issue I've dealt with every day at work being as I help out at a shop based in Wisconsin. I used to be on the fence on this issue. I'll admit that I'm a bit selfish and I don't want to share the September woods anymore than I already do. I'm a die hard bow hunter. But there is also the side of me that wants to grow the sport and hunting. I feel that opening a larger population to xbows will grow the sport. While I'm certainly not old enough at the young age of 25 to know what was said with the invention of the compound bow I can certainly imagine the same argument compound shooters are using against xbows was used by recurve shooters against a compound. Look at the increase in bow hunters, target archers, and just all around acceptance of archery around the U.S. on a non hunting level with the advent of the compound bow. Making an archery type weapon that is easier to use available to more of the general public will only help increase hunter numbers...and hopefully a better appreciation for hunting within the non hunting public. The use of crossbows will help get people involved in our sport who might not feel comfortable chasing deer with a compound, my dad for one hasn't bow hunted in 20 years. Due to time constraints he doesn't have the time to practice enough to feel that he can make an ethical shot on a whitetail with his bow. I've seen him shoot....he can easily hit a pie plate at 20 yds every time, thats more than can be said of others who hunt with a bow. I purchased a xbow so that next year when he comes to visit me up here in Duluth I'll be able to go out and sit with him over the bridge in the ground blind after a night of shooting and hopefully see him get a deer. You're right it is that easy to sight them in and shoot them within 30 yds and that isn't fair to those of us who bust our butts all year to get in shape and shoot....but since when is the world fair. The chance at a memory like that is well worth it to me to have to share the woods with other hunters who don't work as hard as I do to become proficient. Because I know they'll cherish their successes as much as I do. Another great example of who this might help is shooters who can't quite pull 30lbs. I know of a few women who can only pull back 25lbs who would love to hunt during bow season, but can't because they can't quite hit that legal minimum, and wouldn't feel comfortable shooting deer at 30 even if they could. They don't fit the bill for a xbow permit because they're perfectly fit...but not strong. Being able to purchase a crossbow and hunt with it gets them into the woods with their families. While all these feel good stories are a great reason for the xbow another hope of mine is that all those hunters who pick up their bow for the first time on opening day of the season and expect it will be ok....will instead purchase a crossbow and be able to make an actual killing shot with limited practice so there will be less wounded deer wandering around with arrows in their butts, shoulders, backs, and heads. I'm ok with more people in the woods enjoying what all us bow hunters already understand about hunting deer, hopefully they'll all become more accomplished and passionate hunters due to their successes and failures with an xbow. Here's an interesting analogy I heard from a customer the other anyone here crying about the vast improvements in fishing equipment in the last 20 about the advent of flashers? Don't they make it at least a million times easier it seems to ice fish. I didn't own one until a couple years I'm dependent on the darn thing. How about portable shacks that set up and take down in 3 minutes and keep you super warm? This is very similar....our lakes are already loaded down with people...why make ice fishing easier, then more people will fish. Let's say people can't use flashers because it was a new technology that makes it easier for a vast majority of people to catch suspended fish so our depleted fishery won't be so pressured and so lazy people who don't know how to cover water jigging can't have as much success as those who fish every day. However you can use a flasher if you're disabled or elderly because you can't move around as much or it's painful for you to drill extra holes and jig so hard in the water column. Many of you will say this is a ridiculous example...but is it? Sure got my mind thinking.