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  1. nlz

    which flasher?

  2. nlz

    which flasher?

    I had the Ice 55...I tried it 3 times this year on the ice. I gave it a chance... I took it back and got the FL 20. I am so much happier with the Fl 20. I humminbird is great in theory. It accurate, Big display is nice, but...the depth reading never stopped rolling, the back lit LCD display bleed through into the flasher ring and isn't adjustable. The blues and other lighter colors are drowned out in the day light. Even on the 3 color pallet when i was getting strong signal return from approching fish, it only had two color response return. I didnt like that, with my old marcum and my vex the signal always goes to 3 colors when the fish is right below.
  3. nlz

    Walleye Jigs

    Jigs? What about spoons? I know a lot of people like buck shots. I found that i missed a ton of fish using a bobber and stop. I think you should try a spring bobber tip. If you get the right one they can be adjustable to suit heavier lures such as a spoon.
  4. nlz

    List of your gear

    This will be my 4th year on the ice and man im excited. Its a serious addiction for me. Between a the new gear and waiting for the ice to shape up i'm doing everything i can to be patient for a few more weeks. This year i've had the funds available to make some up grades and additions to my equipment arsenal. Trap Pro, Clam 2000, Mr Budby Heater. 7" Lazer hand auger. New 8" Lazer mag express. New Humminbird Ice 55. New 26" bro rod with a Okuma Hardstone 10. Berkley sight fishing rod with Okuma Stinson 10. Frabill bait bucket. 2, 5 gallon buckets, 1 bucket seat. Plano tackle box with way to much money invested in jigs, spoons and flyers....Looking in this box really makes me think that i have a problem. Things i still think I need are a New Ice suit and a Lowrance H20 C.