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  1. Just a reminder - Public meetings regarding 10 sunfish bag limit proposal on six lakes in the Little Falls Management area. Lakes being proposed are Long (Higgins), Moose and Maple lakes in Todd County, Green-Prairie Fish and Sullivan lakes in Morrison County and Platte Lake in Morrison/Crow Wing counties. September 8th 7-9 PM at the Club of the Pines- 21900 370th Ave, Hillman, MN 56338 September 9th 6-8 PM at the Long Prairie City Hall - 615 Lake St S Long Prairie, MN 56347 Whether you are for, or against any proposal, we want to hear your opinions and take your comments. If you can't make the meeting, feel free to go to the page for more information on the biology and contact information. http://www.dnr.state.mn.us/areas/fisheries/littlefalls/events.htm
  2. ​Moose, Take a look at the presentation on the Little Falls area site... There are numerous individuals in a given population that are "cuckholders" or otherwise known as sneaker males. They grow at a slower rate and mature at a smaller size. They literally will sneak in while the big males are away chasing others off or have been "removed" and try and fertilize eggs already deposited there... Pretty effective strategy really...And one of the main reasons we need to let the big bulls go. That and the fact the nesting season really is just starting... The length and temperature range for sunfish spawning is quite wide. Typically 68-80 ish for temps and that can drag on from May through July. Also certain portions of the population tend to spawn on the earlier side, while others will spawn on the later side of that window. Also, not all individuals spawn every year. This is a similar theme in the sunfish family. That includes bass of course. Also appreciate the discussion on the length limit Vs bag limit... But, unfortunately, the minute you start talking length limits for sunfish.... I loose half of any crowd, regardless of venue. People don't view sunfish the same way they do Walleye, Northern Pike, Trout, Salmon or Musky. We floated the concept of maintaining a 20 fish bag with only 5 over 8" in the pre-survey we did... Not nearly as well regarded as the simple 10 fish bag... So while it would make some sense biologically, the social aspect also needs to be considered.
  3. ​Hoppe, We had a "panfish forum" of sorts in Long Prairie in January of 2014. We wanted to see what people thought about the potential for experimental panfish regs and potential lakes to consider. All this was in an effort to get "pre-data" before even suggesting the type of regulation specifics or the lakes. We had done a random postcard survey and an online survey of anglers before having the meeting as well. If we want experimental regulations to work, we need a reasonable level of buy in, otherwise the effectiveness can be undermined by a determined few. Not to say there is that intent out there, just that there are those out there that for some reason don't believe in trying something to preserve/improve what we have vs living with the status quo. Whether the potential regulations are effective or not on the suite of lakes chosen, is to be determined over a 10 year period. I would encourage all interested to check out the Little Falls Area Fisheries HSOforum and submit comments accordingly. If you can make the public meetings, that would be great, regardless of your opinion for or against. Either way, we would like to hear your thoughts on this approach of a reduced bag limit of 10 sunfish on Long Higgins, Moose and Maple Lakes (Todd County), Green-Prairie Fish and Sullivan lakes (Morrison County) and Platte Lake (Morrison/Crow Wing counties). And please spread the word. Thanks!
  4. ​They are actually scheduled for September 8th in Harding area- Club of the Pines 7-9 PM and 9th - Long Prairie City Hall, 6-8 PM. Details are up on the Area Fisheries HSOforum. Comments can be emailed, phoned, mailed...
  5. Nicely done Moose! Just a simple bit of education can help in most cases. Here's a good example of male vs female bluegill to help others... Male upper Right, Female lower left There's also an explanation behind all the biology etc on the Little Falls Area Fisheries HSOforum Events.
  6. CC, Just to alleviate a little of the "cringe"... Most of MN we actually have more than sufficient recruitment of bass. In some cases we actually have so much without any harvest, that bass are overabundant to the point of affecting growth. To be honest the biggest thing that many have suggested (in and out of the DNR) is that the quality may be declining in some of our more pressured lakes. Some may argue that summer league fishing (those that do actual weigh-ins) may have an impact (through delayed mortality) over time. If one thinks about the amount of pressure our fisheries withstand in more metro areas, it is amazing we don't have more issues. On the C&R season all year, as was mentioned, many of the bass fisheries around the state can withstand some harvest. Some really need some selective harvest to sustain, maintain or even improve growth. Keeping some bass under 14" in most of our fisheries will actually be a benefit to the overall population. We'll see about increasing angling opportunities in the "off" season, however, if we consider this for one major game species, one can't avoid discussions about the others. This is where the whole ball of wax, can of worms etc. becomes more complicated... Just an FYI
  7. Best way to get accurate data is from your local fisheries office. Most have length weight regressions for individual lakes (at least in MN), if not the general area where you caught the fish. These are derived from actual lengths and weights recorded from sampling. All that said, the formula above is a general calculation and not specific to individual waters or forage abundance and relative density of the bass population. Hope this helps...
  8. Exactly!!! We are one of VERY few states that actually allow the practice... WHY??? So called tradition... Baloney!
  9. There are provisions as you mentioned and cited in the aquatic plant management guidelines. However, any time someone starts digging roots up, it changes. course, cross section and/or profile of the basin we are talking about. That is a violation without an approved permit. IF you ever have any doubt you can call the TIPS line 1-800-652-9093 and you can remain anonymous. It's kind of sad actually, so may people feel like "Oh if I do this little bit. it won't hurt the lake/river" Well the bad part is there's enough mis-informed or under educated or just plain ignorant people that the cumulative impact IS far bigger than they even realize. You were't a buttinsky IMO... We need more people willing to step up and tell folks they are doing stuff wrong. We are so fortunate to have so many public waters in our state... We should all be treating them to pass on to the next generation.....
  10. As DTRO posted, the comment period will be during June. Barring any major kick back, it's a go. As I've posted earlier, we don't suffer from recruitment in central MN (with very few exceptions). It is an opportunity to increase the recreation potential without harming the fabulous fisheries we have and should go through for the walleye/pike and Bass C&R opener (2015) season. Looking forward to this!!!
  11. Note the article was based on data from 2006, 07 and 08.... Not 2012, 2013. Rare cases from what I've read.
  12. Meeting went well, we had 45 folks in attendance, some lively discussion both pro and con. The information that was presented regarding the unique ecology on panfish can be found at our Little Falls Fisheries Events Page. Since we had significant support for doing some regulations, we will be posting the potential lakes for consideration soon.
  13. OK Folks tomorrow night Long Prairie City Hall, 7 PM. If you can make it, great, if not please take some time to fill out the electronic comment sheet we have put together. If you want changes in the area, this is your opportunity to help us decide which lakes might be good options. Little Falls Panfish Comment Form 2014 I will close the sheet by Friday. Thanks in advance for your comments.
  14. OK Folks tomorrow night Long Prairie City Hall, 7 PM. If you can make it, great, if not please take some time to fill out the electronic comment sheet we have put together. If you want changes in the area, this is your opportunity to help us decide which lakes might be good options. Little Falls Panfish Comment Form 2014 I will close the sheet by Friday. Thanks in advance for your comments.
  15. Another bump. The meeting is next Wednesday 7PM in Long Prairie. Hopefully we'll see some of you who care about panfish show up!!!
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