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  1. goldenbobby

    Ion x or Strikemaster lithium lazer

    I think your right as far as sticking to the cast and I think part of it was sticking it in the snow or slush the temps I was fishing in was 30 and ice was just barely started to stick on it but chipped off easy so I am sure just drilling would have done the job
  2. goldenbobby

    Ion x or Strikemaster lithium lazer

    just thought you guys might want to know what my choice was. I ended up buying an ION X. I can see how in real cold temps the blades can get filled up with ice. But with that being said so far I am glad I bought the ion.
  3. goldenbobby

    Ion x or Strikemaster lithium lazer

    kudu63 was wondering did you use the reverse on each hole? I am wondering what ION says or even gets back to you and I would like to know what they say. This is some great info thank you
  4. goldenbobby

    Ion x or Strikemaster lithium lazer

    I wonder unlike the previous poster never ran it in reverse which would make a big difference just pulling out the auger covered in slush which then it would freeze and I have seen that on gas augers. I am interested in what you find out.
  5. goldenbobby

    Ion x or Strikemaster lithium lazer

    wow that kinda sucks. I hope others that bought a ION X will post and see if others having the same problem.
  6. goldenbobby

    Ion x or Strikemaster lithium lazer

    I normally go to Reeds Sporting goods in walker. I like doing business with them and if you talk to the right person you might get a deal and I have always felt that they are honest to me if they say they can't give me one. I doubt you will find any deals right now for the ION X until after season.
  7. goldenbobby

    Ion x or Strikemaster lithium lazer

    That is a good point to make. I never thought about the extra torque that is needed for the chipper blades witch I think is why the SM Electra has such a short battery life and NOT to get it confused with SM lithium lazer and no the SM doesn't have reverse. The reverse isn't a huge selling point for me but it is a plus. The more I read comments about ION I might have to get me one.
  8. goldenbobby

    Clam Kenai Pro Thermal Flip Over

    I am wondering if you have looked up the set up size...L 90” or 7ft 6 in. x W 38 or 3ft 2” and the center Height is 64" or 5ft 4 and the sled is about 4 ft long so subtract that away from the setup size to get a ruff idea with the fishable area. I would sit down with a tape measure and try to get a ruff idea if you feel that you will have room to move round.
  9. goldenbobby

    Ion x or Strikemaster lithium lazer

    I am planing on getting an electric auger and I was trying to decide between the new ION X or strikemaster lithium lazer. I know no one has experience with the new Ion but wondering how the older models have been holding up (does the batteries still hold a good charge) and kinda the same think with the strikemaster. I have seen the electra lazer and not to impressed with it that is why I am wondering if the lithium is any better. Hope you guys can help Thanks Bobby
  10. goldenbobby

    Shells or full body's

    I am not sure of your budget. I have 2 dozen decoys (1 doz full body and 1 dozen shells) I started with the dozen shells and hunted with guys that had shells too and just combined decoys. Last year I hunted with just my dad and used just my 2 dozen. I just put them in 2 groups. One group of 20 in a U shape (10 on each side of the U) with mine and my dad's blind in the bottom of the U and a group of 4 in the opening like there walking into the spread. Don't forget that you need a good blind because concealment is everything. I use avery power hunter. I like it because I can move my head around to see what the birds are doing. Since you have goose floaters I assume you have some kind of goose call because I don't want to get into the battle between flutes and short reeds. LOL
  11. goldenbobby

    Handgun for a woman

    if you want to buy her a hand gun I would find a gun range that has loner guns for her to shoot. Pretty much all people will say a 22 is to small for a self defense. If I was you I would let her shoot a bunch of different calibers and see what ones she likes. If you can't find a range that does that as far as possible choices on brands get a named brand and research (Glock, Springfield, Smith and Wesson, ect.) I would say a 9 mm would be a good caliber to start with. I hope this helps
  12. goldenbobby

    Need a new duck call

    I have the buck gardner spit fire. Its a reed and a half and its never freezes up on me. I bought another one from fleet farm for 25 bucks for my dad.
  13. goldenbobby

    Fishing kayak for under $700???

    here is a video of my kayak setup
  14. goldenbobby

    Suggestions Appreciated!

    here is my old town vapor kayak setup
  15. goldenbobby

    Suggestions Appreciated!

    I love my Old Town Vapor Angler 10ft. I was able to get every thing for under $600 (kayak, paddle, and lifejacket). Tomorrow I am going to get a fish finder for it and going to have a video on youtube. Just remember in Minnesota a kayak that is non motorized that is more that 10 ft needs to be licensed. That is one less expense that someone will have to pay for. Before I got my kayak I emailed the DNR and made sure that I didn't need to license it for fishing.