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  1. Looking for tips from the Pro's of where I can find perch on a river system (stcroix, mississippi). I know of a few areas soft bottom next to rock, no current with laydowns, backwaters but Ive been able to catch bluegill and the occasional crappie there, what should I be looking for and where should I be looking? The main channel is atleast a few hundred yards of where I normally fish, any tips and ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. bassfishn24, I too have had problems with batteries. Over a year period (over 3 years) I would have to replace 3 of my 4 batteries 2-3 times a year. I went from walmart lead acids to fleetfarm agms (thinking it was the batteries), to different chargers (dual pro, noco, and now minnkota). This year prior to replacing my charger I had to replace 2 of my batteries (fleetfarm AGM's), I got fed up with it replaced the NOCO charger 4bank X 10 to a minnkota PC460. I've been a happy camper no problems as of yet (3months). Replace that charger i think that is the culprit! I carry a volt meter in the boat at all times, check them from time to time. They should always hold 11.5v to 12.5v anything lower its a bad battery or going bad. Good Luck!
  3. Thank you Sir that gives me an idea of where to start and if all else fails i'll be the guy with the talon down, swimming and having a cold one.
  4. thank you Sir that's all I needed to know.
  5. Looking to spend a weekend in Park Rapids area, any recommendations of a "good" bass lake/s? Looking to get the girl on a few hogs any help would be great! Will be staying near Long Lake, willing to travel for a good bite....
  6. Get the largest ball ram available, I prefer the short arm over the long arm. Drill a hole for the cables and put a rubber grommet on the hole and you should be ok. Take your time and it'll be fine. Have fun with the install!
  7. That seems pretty darn low for a 99'. Bought my 03 EFI in 08 with 67hours, blew it at 320, currently have 480hours.
  8. hole in piston of my 4 year old Tanaka powerhead.
  9. Sorry for the late post but, closer to shore there are some huge boulders that are just inches below the water so you may notice a bump or two a scrape here and scrape there. Shiltsy, great pictures and nice fish!!!
  10. Shiltsy, its very hard to fish as everything looks good up there. Focus on inlets and you will have a RIOT, but be very careful if you have a glassboat. Spent a few days out there last year couldn't pick up a decent fish on the lake. Tied up the glass boat and headed out in a canoe to one of the inlets and it was walleye after smallie after smallie with the 8wt and floating raps! Good Luck!!!
  11. drop it off at the shop. There is a "special tool" that is required to do the work (or so i've been told). Costs about $300. Get it done asap.
  12. i've had a talon for about a year, I beat the heck out of mine and so far so good. the advantage with the talon would be adjusting it lower so you can get more depth, great for trolling motor lakes or smaller lakes if you were to just idle around. its a great tool and I'm finding more use out of it every time I get out.
  13. Streamers! Big Flashy Streamers!!!!
  14. Also check your fuel filter? I'd take it out and dump it into a clear container and look for any contaminants in your filter. I have a feeling something is clogged up very well. Something i've learned in the past few weeks of addressing my problem I don't fill up my tank any more like I use to. I pump fresh gas on my way to the lake and try to make sure I burn it up in a week or less on my outings. These days with all this ethanol I add startron and make sure my gas doesn't sit for weeks on end. Please post up your results as I am curious to what the issue was. Good Luck!
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