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  1. &JAG

    Maple Lake Ice Fishing Derby Help

    About 100yds. out from the South Boat landing.
  2. &JAG

    Maple Lake Ice Fishing Derby Help

    It will be busy out there but it is a fun atmosphere. A lot of folks use houses as stated above. After the Derby is done they ask those who caught to take their fish.
  3. &JAG

    NCAA Tourney Time!

    Congrats Gophers! Sioux were flat all weekend... Nothing to say it was terrible. BC vs. Gophers good game to come!
  4. &JAG

    NCAA Tourney Time!

    BC is going down in the Frozen Four this year at the hands of UND. Well, maybe not... Does the NCAA really want the Sioux to win? The refs will be the tale of the tape. Second, to all of you who say No Dak gets away with more penalties than anyone in the WCHA, come on now! They just make the bodies fly farther cause they can hit harder than anyone else. If you haven't noticed they actually are being very soft lately on the boards. I bet they were told by the coaches that you need to take it easy, the NCAA is looking to scalp us!
  5. &JAG

    NCAA Tourney Time!

    Pier, I'm sticking by it. Where were the Sioux the first half of the year? And now... Whenever Lucia has that issue they flop throughout the year (see previous couple years). Too say there is more talent at UND vs. the rodents or a few other programs year in and out is crazy. No Dak is there at the end every year. The gophers have a better team this year and quite possibly the best in the country but, will fall short again. Rich boys tend to be weak when the going gets rough. Just look at little rau last week flopping all over the ice in the 3rd. Maybe Lucia says to do it??? I mean his boy was a hacker and mr. crappie flop when a penalty was needed.
  6. &JAG

    NCAA Tourney Time!

    Hey now... It's just too bad most of the Gophers are on the smaller side (compared to the Sioux). Besides jaw jacking during the handshake will earn a rodent or two some punches. You poke the bull you will get the horns. You are one soft hockey fan on that front. I mean do you think those cake eaters aren't talking dump after beating the Sioux. When representing yourself, team and the WCHA for an award the least a guy could do is accept the award. Lame argument.
  7. &JAG

    NCAA Tourney Time!

    I hear what your saying... I'll be the one at Reid's sitting with a pretty red head with crutches Saturday before the game if ya wanna have a drink I do still drink with Gopher Fans and am actually quite pleasent if ya come by. It's a tough year for us Sioux fans (losing the badge) and some are overly aggressive after last years let down. It will be a tough regional to win, but I do feel better about where the green is at after the past couple months. The coaching staff at UND may just the best staff in college hockey. This year is evidence for sure. Wish your guys the best they should be motivated this weekend. Is that better
  8. &JAG

    NCAA Tourney Time!

    Hey, you Gopher Fans... Are we relevant now? Hope you guys win Saturday so the SIOUX can really stick it down Patterson throat Sunday. Oh by the way, I thought it was lame old patty cakes didn't show up for his wcha award at the final five championship game. I guess the Golden cake eaters are still sore losers. Heck, Schultz from UW was there. Pretty darn unclassy especially since the U is like a shout away. Oh well, this is going to be fun watching from the stands! GO SIOUX or as the smart *ss rodent fans say North Dakota who? Don't need a nickname to beat the U it happens quite a bit
  9. My poor yard got killed last year by the crabgrass and now I'm all gun ho about getting it better again. What can I do to help out this situation? Any help would be great...
  10. &JAG

    Ice auger rack options?

    I have a Polaris X2 w/a storage box on front. Looking to put together ideas for auger rack... Does anyone have or seen a good set up for this wheeler?
  11. &JAG

    7th Annual HSO Fantasy Auto Racing!!!!!

    Thanks Airjer! Brickyard Master is ready to rock in the "EFI" era...
  12. &JAG

    Who will it be in 2012?

    Champ: Jeff Gordon Contenders: Edwards, JJ, Kenseth, Stewart, Hamlin and Shrub... Pretenders: Newman, Burton, Earnhardt Jr. and Montoya
  13. &JAG

    Kurt Busch Hired ?

    Yep, that's how I heard about Ragan on the 21st... It has not been as concrete as his usual information. So I will wait and see but, it looks to be between Ragan and Almirola at this point. Personally, too bad sponsers play such a big part I believe Reutty is better than both of them in a a solid car like that. I mean Ragan at Rousch was kind of a joke considering what resources he had at his hands (Jr. 2010 was worse though). Almirola is decent but, a forth in the Nationwide with Jr. Motorsports doesn't show me much. I just wish Reutty would get a shot. Not going to happen though... He had a terrible 11'.
  14. &JAG

    Kurt Busch Hired ?

    Still hearing Busch may run for Kyle in the Nationwide Series and possibly choose to go after that title vs. the Sprint Cup with the 51 car. It will be interesting to see how this all shakes out. Also, David Ragan will be in the RPM open ride as it sounds... Happy Holidays to all
  15. &JAG

    Kurt Busch Hired ?

    I bet he will run around 15th most days with the 51 car and when they get to short or flat tracks he will be in the mix. He has a terrible temper but is an awesome driver! I have met him a couple of times and he was open to questions and very nice (fan friendly). His brother on the other hand! What a total jerk!!