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  1. I did the same. Have a Cheorkee, with a Guide. Rather than fight the childseats every outing, got a cargo carrier, and just strap it down with the cover on it. Its an easier load and unload, and no messen with kids carseats. I can fit it in the back if need be with a bit of room on the sides for auger and stuff, as that was how I used it for the last two years. This is a better option, as it can be a chore to load on my own as well. Two ratchet straps-and I dont have to lift in-which was tricky sometimes. I would have to guess the Guide sized house was designed with these smaller suvs in mind among others.
  2. Dont make the mistake on a camera. They are limited when you can use them-limited vision with low light and stained water, ect not to mention they limited your fishable water column. They are bulky, drain (heavy)batteries like crazy, and until your set up with a perm house, and have a top notch flasher-dont make the mistake I made. I got lucky, as mine leaked-traded it and put it towards a FL20. Have a Lowrance X67 Ice Machine-could not fish funcationally with other Vex anywhere around me. Not too familiar with the other units your talking about, but rule out the camera-PLEASE spare yourself. I could get another camera if I desired, but to be honest, if I was given one-it would stay home for the 10% of the time I may spend in perm house. Mobility is always noted on this site, and camera impacts that negatively. They have a time and place-but limited and not a necessity...a quality sonar is. I guarentee-you will have buyers remorse if you go with a camera. jtk15
  3. Was caught two weekends ago by a gal from Franklin. They were able to release the fish, which was a 30 pound fish. If you follow Mankato news, it was hard to miss it. Free Press and KEYC both did storys, which I am sure you can find it on their webpage. The Fish is referred to as Big D if your searching. jk
  4. I have both Okuma and Saltstrikers-both in the department your looking for-low price, and durable for the price. Cabelas had had baitfeeding saltstrikers in the cave for over two years now. Just be sure to check there rather than paying the full retail....I did the same thing the last time I was in the market. For the discounted price, I would get another saltstriker over the okuma solely based on price-equally happy with both. I had heard at one point, they are actually both Okuma's. jk
  5. Isnt time on the water part one of the variables of success or lack their off? You cant isolate all the variables of any competition.... Just something to think of, yes your observation is somewhat accurate. I dont get out much, and envy some in that department to a degree. In part by choice, in part due to obligation of previous choices if that makes any sense. I would suggest that a large populuation of folks are as I. Lurk alot, post a little, and fish less than they would like. Something to think of though, this type of angle on this friendly competition has an impact on the casual guy that likes the initial goals of what was going on. Friendly, layed back competition with only bragging rights on the line. Some social networking, and reason to rib your buddy....nothing more, nothing less. Unless my perspective and understanding of the goals of this is off, my fault. Looks like things are developing next year for a bit more of a competitive natured-money on the line event for the season, which is also a good idea. Bottom line, its going to have to be a solo act to keep everyone happy-which is reasonable. Rob, whats wrong with virtual fishing on FM. I just dont want you to send your self proclaimed "river stalkers" after me. They scare me. L, you get your last response, and then I check out. I dont know why I ever involved myself in something that has absolutely nothing to do with me anyways. It does discourage me to get involved next year-and would guess I am not the only one. I guess I dont see that as being a participants role, as its not supporting the intially goal of the person that organized it. Enough on that, agree to disagree if that is the case as we are all entitled to our own opinion. Your turn, then I will have to go back to lurking. We will cross paths at some point hopefully, get a laugh, and I owe ya a beer. jk
  6. Quote: Katman, I fear that you are not able to particpate like you were hoping to this season. In an effort to have Kitty twisters do thier best in a finish. Could you give us an honest assessment of your ability to get out and fish the rest of this season. Unless you got plans to get out and hammer the banks with the surge coming through I think that this is best for the group I will step forward and ask that we seek a replacement. No hard feelings Mate but we need everyone to contribute. All those on Team Kitty Twisters in agreement please step fwd and say Aye. Dtro are there any people out there that are interested in getting into KOTC this late in the season. I see that you are looking to replace MPLSTECKLE? thanks LFC Didnt I understand this correct-FREE, FUN---Seriously there bud, either this was a good crack at a buddy-which is cool, or you need to find some other more valuable things in your life. jk
  7. Rob, A basic propane tourch seems to be a little undersized for that hunk of metal. Did the guy have a welding torch that made it? Also, did he have some metal fab stuff to bend it accordingly. Another buddy of ours just used PVC, cutting about a two foot piece, and cutting one end to a point and jam it into the sand. It also helped to put a cut in the long way to get the sand out....Not very functional on the rocks or hardpack tough....unless you strap it right to your chair. No reflective stickers needed here, you loose this one, and you probably have enough left for four more at home. jk
  8. jtk15

    King Kat Rods

    I have the same set-up-just not together, the rod with a salt striker-with a clicker, and then the same reel on a Fenwick rod.....I prefer the Kind Kat over the more expensive Fenwick rod actually, but I do like the salt striker over the Okuma.....louder, and just a better built reel.....If anyone needs clicker reels, salt strikers are always in the bargin cave at Cabelas. The are generally willing to take another $5-$10 off if you ask too. I dont remember what I paid...rod was cheap, $2o maybe and the salt striker reel was $40ish....really reasonable though. jk 65# PP and your set.
  9. My bad, was thinking this was also Saturday.... jk
  10. I am bit suprised by the lack of attention to the solistice deal...seems this would be a real pain in the but...I am hit or miss, as I some family bussiness to tend to on Saturday in Austin-who knows though.... I hope to make it, jk
  11. No, some serious stuff---I am thinking that the fish were taking them from the tail first, and fouling up the "circle hookset" or whatever you wish to call a circle hook....would have tried some octupus, and actually did some setting but the weather started moving in on us and chased us away.....next time jk
  12. My wife and I got out for the first time (together that is-new baby) on Sunday night. She missed four runs, and I missed one---very odd to miss that many...here and there is understandable, but five in one night, and not one hook up was quite odd....Often, bullheads were messed up litterally right behind the hook.....are the fishing taking from the tail rather than the head...Is everyone hooking their bait with the gap forward when posssible? jk
  13. jtk15


    dtro, This is an issue both ways, I am on the other side of the fence. I love them in this section, and on the top as I like to keep up on who is catching what....and the pictures are great. Its pretty easy to move past them....Although, It may be better to have them on the "league board" I guess....Just pointing out, their is the flip side out there. Just one opinion, jk
  14. I also use both 65 and 80 generally. I tend to prefer the 65. Never broken off uninentionally. Easier to break when snaged and easier to cast as indicated, but it also "cuts current" better, or less drag if your not fishing straight down current-which is over 50% of the time from boat, over 90% of the time from shore. 80 or higher is much easier to get knots out though. Power pro for sure though either way. jk
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