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  1. Update on the furnace choice. The quotes for a High Eff Furnace with a 2 stage burner and variable speed blower came in at $4000-$4500. After a lot of research online I decided to tackle it myself. I purchased a Goodman 96% furnace and aprilaire filter. My wife picked out a nest thermostat. I had 1 section of the return duct fabricated for me. I have the furnace installed with some minor duct work to finish and I still need to install the venting. My total invested so far is $1600 with an approx additional $100-$150. I should have it completed with 2 weeks. Plus I'll receive a $575 rebate from the city. I feel very lucky that it happened now and not in Dec or Jan, or when its 100 degrees out. Thanks again for all the help and advice.
  2. Quotes are starting to show up. First one is a 96% Rheem, not impressed with what I'm reading for reviews on them tho. The one I'm really curious about should be here tomorrow, I hope. This guy was very nice and seemed to real know his $hit. He suggested to also replace my water heater to a high efficiency one because the cost will not be that much more, and my water heater is 12 yrs old. Plus he was willing to fix my old gas valve that day, when no one else even knew how!!! The city gives rebates from $250-$600 from what I understand.
  3. I wouldn't even if it was free. My wife has an 09 convertible with black leather and she leaves the top down as much as possible and parks in the sun all day while at work. She conditions the interior twice a year and the leather still looks great. She's been using Meguiar's and we've both been happy with the results. IMHO.
  4. Thanks for all the replies! The business I would like to have install it only handles Rheem and I'm not impressed with the reviews I've been reading on them (Rheem). I'm going to ask them if I buy a Goodman furnace if they'd install it. I'm trying to get ahold of another place that handles the Goodmans to get a quote from them. At least it's not 10 below and we can get by with our electric heaters .
  5. Thanks for the reply BoxMN. Do you have a Goodman? If not what brand did you go with? Do you have around a 50000-60000 btu furnace? Thats what I'm finding they recommend for my house.
  6. Thanks Josh! Thats great info, just the stuff I'm looking for. I would prefer to have someone install it but only if I know they are knowledgeable. Whats the going hourly rate for an installer? I want to be as informed as possible and I've found nothing but sound advice knowledge here!!!!!!!
  7. Thanks. I am checking on what permits are needed and what work I can do my self. I'm comfortable doing the gas and electrical but not 100% on the low voltage for the thermostat.
  8. I have a 2005 outback for my work car. 163000 on it. I replaced one front axel at 140000 and will be doing the other this spring. Very easy to with all the GREAT advice from this forum!!!! I regularly get 30-32 mpg in the summer and 24-26 in the winter. My wife does not like the way the seats are but she's kind of a convertible snob . I have a friend who's wife had a 2012 model and she had more problems than she should have. She has since replaced it with a 2015 and is much happier. The friend I car pool with has a 2012 Forester and just had the engine rebuilt , under recall, do to oil consumption. Overall I've been happy with my outback.
  9. Thanks for the reply. I'm not replacing my central air, just the furnace right now. The one heating contractor that is going to give me a quote said all I need is a new furnace. All the duct work will remain how it is. He said all they need to do is slide the old furnace out, slide the new one in place and add a flexible skirt to the plentum. If this is all he will do for the replacement I will install it myself.
  10. Hi everyone! My furnace finally took its last breath. It's a Williamson Temp-Omatic installed in 1981. The gas valve is shot and I can't find one anywhere. I found a place that can fit a different valve but it would have a constant pilot light. So the search is on for a new furnace. I'm leaning towards a Goodman but would appriciate any insights. Any one in the heating business that can give me an idea on the most reliable brand would be very helpful. My house is around 1400-1500 Sq ft. I think I need around a 55000-65000 btu furnace. Thanks for any help.
  11. We have a 2006 Corolla that we bought new. It has the 5 speed manual in it. The sticker says 41 mpg on the HWY and I consistently get 40-45 on the HWY (in the summer). I looked at getting a diesel when we bought this car but with diesel fuel, diesel option, and the maint of a diesel vehicle I decided it was much more economical to buy the Corolla. Just my
  12. I would check the voltage first. I had a warn winch that would do this and the issue was that at 11.9 volts the winch wouldn't work but at 12.0 volts it worked fine. After cleaning all the connections the problem went away.
  13. I bought one of the cheap ones from WallyWorld 5 years ago and its still going strong. I keep a battery maintainer on it all the time and I think that really helps.
  14. My son and I moved my safe upstairs. The door to his room is at the top of the stairs so I bolted a boat winch to a 2X8, took the handle off the winch so we could use a socket and ratchet, set the board and winch in the doorway, and up we went. It went extremely smooth and I wouldn't hesitate to take it down the same way.
  15. I have a Standard poodle we got when she was 3 yrs old. The previous owner fed her Nutra-Source Grain free Chicken for large breeds. We decided to try a less expensive food about a year after we got her and her energy dropped and she was having anal gland issues. Yuck! So we switched to the solid gold brand, which was spendy, and still no energy and some gland issues. We went back to the Nutra-Source and she returned to normal!!!! I know some say dogs are just animals but what other loves you more than themselves! Including humans. We only go around once and I want the best for my family and my pets. I will sacrifice somewhere else if needed, but not on my pets health. IMHO.
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