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  1. save yourself 30 bucks and electricity and keep the guns oiled.
  2. how does a non elected type make a law or change the elected types intention.
  3. once i got mine started they peeled of pretty good being careful not to force it. any adhesive residue left over get some goo one.
  4. it's obvious to me the lawmakers didn't take into consideration atv's and motorcycles having lead parts on them. when the oversight is realized it will be revised.
  5. the big drawback of northern wisconsin is the trails are sand and are the dustiest trails i have been on. good trail system atv friendly state but i always bring a good 3m dust mask and hope for rain.
  6. you got it right walleye....now it's time management got some of those players, the fans have been patient enough.
  7. last weekend i drove by a house with 2 mini atv's and i noticed on both, the brake levers were chewed off and the batteries were laying on the ground with the terminals chewed off. unbelieveable.
  8. for the guys that think roids don't make a difference then why are they doing it, and why is it always the top players getting caught.
  9. pick up an outdoor news theres a half page ad in there.
  10. the score should do pretty well no gurantees. now that it has been officially scored, thats it's final score and won't ever be scored again by an official measurer, if it has been entered into any book. but bring a copy of the score sheet so they do know it was scored officially. and if you haven't already entered it in the books you can enter it there for the state book, deer hunters assoc. book and p&y and b&c books.
  11. i'll be there all 3 days measuring. last year it was about an hour wait in line to get your picture taken with tiffany, they didn't bring any mounts either maybe they will this year. vister you bringing last years bow buck to enter in the contest or a different rack? what did that thing score again 180's n.t?
  12. you can always tell when a center in football is on roids when the quarterback wears gloves.
  13. atv's wreck the groomed trails lets be honest about it,this is why areas of wisconsin have cut back on atv's on snowmobile trails and other states don't allow it. i'm pro atv and am willing to try it, but i can forsee the problems it will cause between snowmobile groups and private landowners. when the snow melts you don't even know a snowmobile was even there, not so sure you can say that with an atv with mudzillas.
  14. i'm not sure if it's a dedicated musky lake but if it is, spearing wouldn't be allowed, unless they changed the rule.
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