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  1. I'm looking to purchase a 4-wheeler used from a private party in Wisconsin,I live in St.Paul.Will I have to pay sales tax in Wisconsin?I believe in Minnesota you don't pay sales tax for used machines. Thanks,Walligator
  2. Does anyone know of any class II(side by side machines) trails around the Hickley area or the Nemadji forest? Walligator
  3. My son has a 2004 Polaris Sportsman 90.I used to have to turn the gas off on the machine to stop it from leaking from the overflow tube under the machine.Now it leaks from the overflow tube even when the gas is turned off.It will empty the tank down to about a pint of gas in the tank.Any ideas for a quick fix?does something need to be tightened? Walligator
  4. The #4 cylinder went,but they decided to replace the entire powerhead in case there was any other internal damage.Mercury dealer in Anoka,they did a great job but it took 2-weeks to ship it on a truck line to Anoka and than they had to schedule an install.
  5. I was 13-days past warranty and Mercury replaced the powerhead on my 05' 225 opti free of charge.It took almost a month to get the boat back but they did cover it.
  6. walligator

    Rubicon ?

    Thank you very much for the info,I will give it a try tonight. Thanks again,Walligator
  7. walligator

    Rubicon ?

    I have an '05 rubicon that when you pull the choke out it does'nt stay up which means I have to hold it out while the machine warms up.How and where do I tighten it so it will stay up on its own? Thanks
  8. I'm looking to put a trailer on a seasonal lake lot wondering if anybody knows of any campgrounds or resorts in Minnesota or Wisconsin within a couple hours of the twin cities where you pay a seasonal rate. Walligator
  9. Rodmaker,I have a 2004 yar-craft 1895tsc single counsel with 2005 225 opti they are great boats and ride wonderful.I will be selling mine soon also.Fully loaded and ready to fish.I also fished in a Ranger 619 and they are very nice riding boats also.
  10. Do you have to worry about the screen on the fl-20 getting scratched?
  11. Thanks for the reassurance guys. Walligator
  12. I bought a new Honda Rubicon with a 60"Moose country plow.Seems that the front end really squats when raising plow.How good of a job do they do lifting the plow up while plowing snow?Do I have to beef up the front suspension or is it just me. Thanks,Walligator
  13. Big D, The primer is under the seat on the '06.I assume the same on yours.Thanks for the responses to all,I hope to purchase a Rubicon this week.
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