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  1. DaveT

    Kansas Youth Season 2015

    I forgot about the kids and was referencing the rut, which was kind of slow by Kansas standards. Plus I'm kind of spoiled by some of our previous seasons. Weather was too warm when we were down and there wasn't a lot of rutting activity.
  2. DaveT


    Wings and Things in Ham Lake. https://www.facebook.com/Wings-Things-Taxidermy-41772814587/?fref=ts
  3. DaveT

    Crappie Rage... How was Kansas???

    I'll let him know. Short answer is it was OK.
  4. DaveT

    New MN Deer Advocacy Group

    I love how Leslie puts supermajority in quotes, as if to imply that Engwall created the term out of thin air. He got the word right off your own Advisory team packet, Leslie! Here are some words that I would use to describe Leslie's advisory team process. Spurious. Adulterated. Specious. We should change Leslie's title from Big Game Coordinator to Big Game Annihilator or Wolf Nutrition Specialist.
  5. I don't think we can hold Brooks responsible for how the vote goes or what the audit produces, as he's not voting and he won't be performing the audit. What Brooks did was get us to this point, and for that I am grateful. I can't comment on why he was late, but I agree that punctuality or lack thereof is a great measure of someone's character. Today you're 5 minutes late, tomorrow it's 10, by next month you're snorting cocaine off a toilet seat. I can't respect people like that either.
  6. DaveT

    New MN Deer Advocacy Group

    Sure is quiet in this thread since MDHA and Outdoor News jumped on the bandwagon. You have until the 15th to let the DNR how you feel about the advisory team's recommendations in blocks 1-5. http://www.dnr.state.mn.us/mammals/deer/mgmt.html To those in the know, has Leslie responded to MDHA yet? I heard she refused to let the meetings be filmed, a public agency serving the public refused to let a public meeting be filmed. What country are we in?
  7. DaveT

    New MN Deer Advocacy Group

    MDHA is finally taking a stand. http://mndeerhunters.com/en/mdha-comment...ittees-process/ For those who don't like reading it basically says that the stakeholder process is bogus. I already knew that thanks to Brooks but maybe having the state's biggest deer hunting group finally calling the DNR out on their bee-ess will help the cause. Great work, Brooks. You've made huge strides and I guarantee we'd still be intensive harvest all over the state without you.
  8. T&P valves are universal, unless you have some oddball or giant water heater, any 3/4" T&P valve rated for domestic hot water heater (150PSI & 210*) will work, so I'm wondering why he had to get part numbers to begin with. He should have one in his van if he's a service plumber. If the part was bad he can go after the manufacturer for his lost time, you shouldn't have to pay for it.
  9. DaveT

    New MN Deer Advocacy Group

    Except the whole zone looks like that. 25-30 DPSM in an area that has considerably less habitat than most zones in MN that are managed for 10. A month of growing season is enough to support 20 more deer in an area with considerably less habitat? Forget everything I've ever said about KS. All I want is to see the same amount of deer I used to see in MN 10-20 years ago. I know it's possible because I lived through it.
  10. DaveT

    New MN Deer Advocacy Group

    How many deer do you think this square mile of ground can support in MN?
  11. DaveT

    New MN Deer Advocacy Group

    I'm pretty sure 30 is the same amount in MN as it is everywhere else in the world. One more than 29. I'm also pretty sure a square mile is measured the same way in every state in the country. So yes I think 30 DPSM is the same amount of deer per square mile whether that square mile is located in KS, MN, PA, or Bangladesh. Or was there a different question in there? Perhaps you were insinuating that MN can't support the same numbers of deer that most other states can and do?
  12. DaveT

    New MN Deer Advocacy Group

    http://kdwpt.state.ks.us/Services/Research-Publications/Wildlife-Research-Surveys/Deer This is the most recent report I can find. I can tell you that recently they started including a doe tag with your non resident tag in response to landowner/farmer complaints about non resident hunters not shooting does while trophy hunting. I would expect the results of that effort to be marginal as they limit the number of non resident hunters, presumably to preserve the quality of the hunt for residents. From what I can tell they use hunter surveys, deer/car collisions and some grunt work to measure deer density. I don't get nearly as involved in KS deer policy because I have very little to complain about, so forgive my ignorance. I would assume harvest has increased because they recently changed their laws to allow resident hunters to hunt more than one season. In the past a resident could only hunt archery, rifle, or muzzleloader. Party killing is not allowed and the locals I have talked to about it seem perplexed by the thought of shooting somebody elses deer. I can tell you that according to the KDWPT we have 25-30 DPSM in our area. I would say it's more than that on our property as we have food plots, CRP, and better habitat. I have never heard the farmer who leases our cropland complain about deer damage. He complains about rain, drought, wind, just about everything, but deer don't seem to cost him much money at 25 or more DPSM. I can tell you that we had our farmer leave an acre of standing corn one winter and most of it was still on the stalk the following spring. The woods are full of acorns every spring, there is no browse line, and the deer seem quite healthy. This is an area that is 40% timber and 60% ag. In our zone we can purchase one either sex tag and two antlerless tags. The deer densities in KS are comparable to what we used to have in MN 10 years ago, although there seem to be more bucks and more mature bucks. I believe this is a result of no party hunting, less hunters, gun season outside the rut, shorter seasons, and a better age structure of the herd. I could be wrong though because I don't have a degree in wildlife biology and I also didn't stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night. Bottom line is I don't believe anybody who tells me that most of the habitat in MN can't support 20 DPSM without damaging the "ecosystem". I don't believe anybody who tells me 20 DPSM is unsustainable and will cause millions of dollars in crop damage.I don't believe anybody who tells me the deer herd is stable when car/deer collisions are down 50%, P&Y entries are down 50%, and my own experience tells me that I'm seeing less than half the deer I used to see.
  13. DaveT

    New MN Deer Advocacy Group

    I agree, it may be as simple as the DNR being greedy and wanting that doe tag money. It seems like a poor strategy for managing your most profitable resource. We need new blood at the top. If my kids have a couple more years of not seeing deer they will probably quit deer hunting (at least in MN). That's 3 hunters times potentially 60 years of licenses multiplied by every young hunter in the state who thinks deer hunting should include occasionally seeing and shooting a deer.
  14. DaveT

    New MN Deer Advocacy Group

    That's completely intentional. The DNR doesn't have a clue what the real numbers are. The DNR doesn't care what the real numbers are. There is virtually no science at work with the DNR's system. It's all about perception. Do you think there's too many deer? Do you think we should reduce the deer herd based on your feelings? How much should we reduce the deer herd? 25%? OK, we'll get right on that by selling everybody and their Grandmother 5 doe tags. Then we'll adjust the model's numbers 3 years after the fact so that the model says we're at goal, even though the model is never accurate and we don't actually input any real data to the model.Then if anybody complains we can tell them this is what they wanted while having zero accountability. The whole system is a joke.