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  1. Bought some 2lb test trilene last week and put it on an inline reel. The day I tried it out there was a slight breeze and when feeding my line out the wind would take it and it would get wrapped around my flasher and the frozen ice chunks around the hole. 2lb is just too thin for my liking, I'm sure others have no issues with it. Going to try suffix 3lb, don't have a lot of hope that 1 pound will Make much of a difference.
  2. I've got both an lx-9 and 485c and this weekend was the first time I used them both at the same time. I was really surprised to see that the picture was a fair amount better on the 485c. The 485c showed the sand as a nice tan and the water above blue green, the lx-9 seemed way to green looking that sand looked really green as well as the water, lx9 looked monotone. Never thought the picture wasn't good on the lx9 until I had them on side X side. When it got really low light I could also see better with the 485c too. the lx9 is basically a vs825c so it should have at least look as good as the much cheaper made in China 485c if not better. As far as I can tell the only thing that can be adjusted on the lx9 is the brightness.
  3. Just wanted to give an update. I had a vexilar depth therm with me so I hung it up just to see what I was getting for an inside temp. When I said I was comfortable on low I was surprised to find it was only 45 degrees. I turned the temp to high and reached 60. I only ran on high for maybe 45 min before I was done fishing for the night so it's possible it could have climbed a bit more but I don think it would by much if any. So from what I experienced a buddy on high is good for about 44 degrees over outside temp.
  4. I'm on the lake right now. Temp is 16 and slight wind, didn't bank the snow flap I'm in a cotton hoodie and Striker bibs. Running the Buddy on low and pretty comfortable.
  5. your right! I've got more gear then most guides. It's an obsession, I think I like testing things out more then anything. I think the only way I can afford to own all I do for ice fishing is that it's really my only obsession.
  6. Bought an Otter XTH Lodge insulated hub (64sqft) house and trying to figure out what heater I should bring out on the ice. The temps are going to be around 20 so my thought is a 10k btu Buddyer heater. The total volume is more then other portable I've owned so I'm not sure how to gauge it. I also have a Big Buddy 18k btu heater and I know that would cover all bases but I've got very limited space in the sled I'm pulling out and basically it won't fit. Guys that own insulated hub houses close to this size like the Fatfish 949i or the Clam Bigfoot xl4000t at what temp is a 10k buddy not big enough? Once the ice is drivable I'll just bring the big buddy with all the time. I should add I wear warm bibs but like to fish with my jacket off and just wear a sweatshirt.
  7. Doesn't the Eskimo bag have back pack straps on it it too? I didn't realize the otter didn't until I went to bring it out on the lake. Not a big deal but at times it would be nice, just bought a Pelican Trek sled to haul it with.
  8. Ive had 8 different portables since I started using them back in 1996 but never owned a hub before. I really like the Fatfish and almost bought one but I like my shelters to be bright inside at night and that's one thing that sold me on the grey interior of the XTH vs the black on the FF. I really liked the big reflectors on the outside of the FF and I like the window placement being lower compared to being high on the otter. I like the new fabric otter is using this year and feel it's better then what I've seen on the FF. At first my zippers seemed like junk but after using them they have been getting much better and seem fine now. The only complaint and its not deal breaker is the window fabric only has Velcro at the top so it doesn't seal 100% around the window. Other hubs might be the same way I'm not sure. I also currently own an Otter Clabin 1200 xt and have been pretty happy with it so I figured the quality possibly spilled over into the hub line also. otter claims the bag is "oversized" but it seems to be just right to me if it is oversized it not by much. I brought it out fishing but never set it up so all my observations are from set up in my home. Setup and takedown has been really easy. One other thing that I noticed is when I've seen pictures from otter the interior looks white but it's actually gray or silver. Over all I'm very happy with the house.
  9. This is how I'm going to store it, plenty of room in the bag for it too.
  10. This is how I plan on storing it.
  11. I have a assortment of rubber o rings and so the other day I found one that was the same size as the inside diameter of the lid, took out the foam and add the o ring instead. No leaks as of yet! I also have the Plano liquid bait holder too and never had a leak but it's too big to be putting in my rod case. i see the minnow heads are now comming in a resealable ziplock style pouch but that leaks worse then the jar.
  12. Couple more pics with the new magnet mount and showing how bright this light really is!
  13. Super happy with the amount out of light! Honestly I'm one of the pickiest people out there when it comes to my gear. I'm the guy that returns 50% of what I buy because it always seems to fail my expectations. I did pull on the cable tonight and I do believe it will hold up just fine if you mount it like I did or rember to leave slack so it can be folded down. Some new pics with the magnet mount and showing how much light this little guy puts out! also amp draw is only .292 To answer your question about seeing the rod tip bounce YES! I can count the spots on that ladybug that's on the carpet! I don't think you'll find a brighter light that is this compact and doesn't hang down in your way. And really no shadows to speak of wich is really a huge plus. Its been along time since I've used a gas lantern but I'm pretty sure this is MUCH brighter.
  14. I just updated it with new pics. Magnet came from Home D and sold in a two pack for under $2.00. I used Elmers glue 2 part epoxy to glue it with. Magnet holds really well.
  15. Got the magnet epoxied to the back of the light, with this you can just leave the original eye bolt in the house. I plan on getting a bait puck to store the light in when the house is packed up. I feel a lot better about removing it each time I pack up rather then risking pulling the wires out again. If I would have read the directions about leaving slack in the cable probably wouldn't of happened in the first place.
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