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  1. Just happened to come across this post and found it interesting...especially the immediate knee-jerk reactions of suing the guy. Last summer, my neighbor decided that it would be better if he cleared some of the trees off my lot adjacent to his dock. Since I have 200' of lakeshore, I didn't notice it right away and when I did, I was in shock as well. I was also [PoorWordUsage]ed. I confronted him and he admitted that he was in the wrong and offered to replant the area. I contacted the DNR and zoning office and they recommended that we settle it that way. I'm glad I did. Even though I can't see us having dinner together any time soon, I can at least wave hello to him now and then and we can tolerate each other to some degree. If I would have sued him, it could have led to more tension than it was worth to me. The area is filling back in now and in 20 years or so I'll never know the difference. lol That does remind me that I need to take more pictures in case something like this ever happens again. I do find myself running for the lot line every time I hear his chain saw fire up.
  2. This fish house comes in 16 and 24 inch panels. It sits on skids and is 2X2 with plywood and styrofoam insulated sides and floor. Hardware and detailed plans included. It is very well-built and solid. The roof has been fiberglassed. The person who built it would haul it to the lake for a weekend, assemble it in about an hour, then break it down when he left. A very comfortable "portable". He hauled it with a pickup and trailer. It would probably be best to use it as a permanent house with some minor modifications (sealing the gaps). Email me at [email protected] for a pic or with questions(I only have a pic in the disassembled state). It is located near Cromwell, MN which is two hours north of the Twin Cities. 612-599-9649 (Leave message) $450 or B.O.
  3. We will be crossing the border Saturday morning the 27th of August and the outfitter said we might want to get an early start. Does anybody know how early we should cross to avoid long lines?
  4. Weight limit is 2400#. It takes 2 guys to drag it out but I can push it in by myself. I will throw in a trailer axle with wheels if anyone is interested in adding wheels.
  5. Heavy-duty steel Shorestation lift for 16-19 ft. boats. No wheels or canopy. Selling lift because I will be selling boat soon. Cromwell, MN. $450 [email protected]
  6. nice2th

    New Rapala?

    30 feet! What is it called? Can you get them at Gander Mountain?
  7. If you go to a mud bog to pick up chicks, you might live in Minnesota. (My son and his friend did this last Saturday)
  8. Nice post. Many people don't respect other people's time. This may not be the right forum, but since you are familiar with dealers and boats, I will ask you anyway. I am looking to purchase a personal watercraft to replace my speed boat as I am tiring of the lift and hauling it in for winterizing. I want a four stroke that is quiet and fuel efficient and can pull kids on tubes easily. When I go to a boat show, every dealer has the best model according to himself. What is the best way to sift through all the b.S.? The internet hasn't been a great help yet.
  9. I had the same thing happen a couple of years ago. I stuck a hose down the hole and turned the water on. The only problem was I went back to see what was happening and got nailed. If you use water, stay away for quite awhile, do it at night, and take a look in the morning to see if they are still around. It got rid of them though.
  10. Can you get those 12V rope lights at Home Depot?
  11. Thanks. I will check out the 12v lights. I usually do things the hard way.
  12. I purchased a power inverter that plugs into the accessory outlet on my pontoon and strung some lights around the canopy. It is really nice for cruising at night, but the problem is that it drains the battery too quickly. You have to keep the rpm's up while you are in motion or the low current warning comes on. It would also be nice to be able to have them on when the motor is not running. I suppose adding another battery would just give me a little more time and a generator would be overkill. Has anyone dealt with this before?
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