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  1. I've had the Ion since the first year. I never had the issues others had with breaking the trigger or battery getting too cold to operate. Just need to keep your battery in the battery bag when you're not using it. If you're an aggressive hole hopper, get yourself a 6" auger bit and you'll drill all day without killing a battery. If you're trying to do that with the 8" in 30" of ice, you'll be at a disadvantage, but that's a small price to pay for all the other benefits. Just buy an extra battery. I'd recommend the Ion over any other auger any day of the week. No gas, no gree
  2. Wrong guy there. I don't fish in MN anymore, don't have a boat either.
  3. I wouldn't call myself wealthy, but I've made good life choices that have enabled me to buy my own land. Still pack my own lunch and watch for sales at the grocery store. I don't own land in SE MN, I own land in northern MN. The reason I am concerned is that this will serve as a template for herd control tactics in other parts of MN. Understand that the game management agencies have conferences where they talk about managing hunters. You don't have to look any further than the work of Dr. Gary Alt in Pennsylvania. I can't put my finger on exactly what is going on with the res
  4. Creepworm, I am somewhat angry. The reason it's fool hardy to consider food plots any more threat than a farm field is that the intentions of the planter don't change the flavor of the forage. A food plot is no more attractive than the edge of a 160 acre bean field that meets a fence line, swamp edge, or grove. Now imagine there are no farm fields or food plots at all, not even a decent yielding apple tree. Deer will still communicate via scrape trees and licking branches during the rut. If the current belief is that the prions spread via saliva, what's to stop wild deer from
  5. Those questions have been asked. Not by me, but a guy I speak with regularly. He was bit back at in response to what seemed like very legit questions. There are plenty of resources out there to police it. The cops have all kinds of time to patrol seat belts, texting, expired tabs, freeway protests, and church goers that finished the wine, what would be so hard about adding this? I'll even draft the email to each border county sheriff and state patrol station: "We have banned the import of whole or partial carcass parts of deer from other states. Please keep an ey
  6. Good question, why didn't they find any more? Did those two infected deer parachute in? Were they dropped by a helicopter? I find it fascinating they could get as far as Lanesboro and they only find two out of thousands. Like I said, they're bad at conspiracy. Policing the borders? How about a billboard, a radio ad, or a twitter campaign? How about having the highway patrol pull over anyone with hooves or antlers sticking outta their truck box or laying on a flatbed coming across the border on the interstate? My wealth and land ownership shouldn't disqualify me
  7. Bureaucrat

    Ion x

    The guy at Scheels told me the new battery fits the old model augers. I've got the original Ion as well and asked about it. Verify, but that's what I was told.
  8. Sorel Pac Boot. My search ended on those 15 years ago. I haven't battled cold feet ever since. No need for special fabric or battery powered socks or toe warmers. I have to also mention, understand the body's thermal system. Long ago, Modern Marvels did a show on it. The short version is that you have to keep your core and vital organs warm. Then your body will send surplus heat to your head, fingers, toes, and other regions you wish didn't sweat so much. Big part of that is blocking the wind.
  9. Food plots are no more threat than farm fields or logged land. If you're really concerned about food plots spreading CWD, you better get on the horn with the University of MN ag program and urge them to kill off their cover crop program and quit promoting the idea to farmers. And bait piles, should farmers should be fined for missing the silage wagon with the chopper, or the semi with the grain auger? Should it then be illegal to no-till farm? Should alfalfa be banned completely from agriculture? This whole thing is a joke predicated on shaky at best science driven by fear. E
  10. Well that's a let down. Where's the fire you had when you were fighting the audit? This seems right up our alley.
  11. PF, you have a position on the CWD outbreak in southern MN and tentative plan to being containment efforts?
  12. Missed you buddy. I already called my therapist and told him to book me some extra time. We've got a whole new set of issues to deal with.
  13. I had gotten wind this topic popped back up. I had thought this whole forum went under. Good to see the conversation is still alive and well. Missed you PF. I have to tell ya, I have changed my ways. Still haven't made peace with the deer issues, but I've come around on pheasants and fish. I have been needling some folks at the capitol to push a bill to allow bag limits to be aggregated forward to account for days I don't limit out on fish and pheasants. For example... If I hunt pheasants 20 days in a season, I should be entitled to finish with 60 pheasants, eve
  14. If there's not a picture, it didn't happen. Seems awful cold to be declaring that. I pray you're right and I'm wrong. That'd mean i'm in for a good weekend.
  15. We learned today that the DNR is supportive of the audit. Out of 14 choices legislators selected the audit as one of the leading topics as well.
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