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  1. HawgTide

    Bass Photos

    Way to go Ebass! Didn't know you had kids!
  2. HawgTide

    Frog Migration

    I caught 5 bass on Spro Frogs this weekend. Water temps were 52 degrees. That was the only thing I got them on.
  3. HawgTide

    Bass Photos

    Thanks guys. He's a Bass fanatic.
  4. HawgTide

    Bass Photos

    My son got his personal best LM yesterday. 5lb 4oz on a shaky head.
  5. HawgTide

    Bass Photos

    Sled59, that's a big headed bass. Looks like the head of a 10lb'er. Nice catch.
  6. Thanks! Yep, we went out the prior weekend with another friend so I just threw a bunch of my stuff in there. I asked him how many spinnerbaits were in there, he said about 25...most were terminators. Then the extra baitcaster, etc. It was a somber morning. So thankful to have a mulligan.
  7. My 11 year old son left his tackle box near the parking lot behind the hospital yesterday afternoon. He jumped in my truck and left the box sitting there. Just realized it this morning. Offering $100 reward.
  8. HawgTide

    Bass Photos

    I got my new personal best over the weekend...9lbs 6oz. This was down South though.
  9. You can buy a case of pizza dough balls (frozen) from Sam's club. It's at the front concession stand where they sell Hotdogs and Pizza. I believe it's less than $18 for a case of 20. I take them out of the freezer, let them thaw and rise, split them in 2, re-form a ball and let them rise some more. This size (split in half) is perfect for hand tossed cooked on a pizza stone. If you prefer pan pizza, just put a whole dough ball in the pan, cover, and let it rise until it fills the pan.
  10. HawgTide

    Alabama rig

    Cabelas sells them, a couple of different brands as a matter of fact. But the rigs are not illegal in Minnesota if you don't put more than one hook on it. Got to try out the "M Rig" yesterday. (that's what I call the MN Legal version of the A Rig). It worked well at times, but then other times I was outfished by the other guys using conventional lures.
  11. HawgTide

    Released Record??

    My guess, 5.5lbs, assuming she's an average size lady. Here's a couple of pics to show how wide a range they can look. 1st one is of a 4.4lb bass my Dad caught. And another one I caught that was 7lb 1oz. We're both 6'2". Both were weighed on the berkley digital scales. It's hard to judge Bass by pictures, but I usually look at the hand size compared to the mouth of the Bass. 4.4lb 7.1lb
  12. Perfect for the Mississippi River: For Sale, a 2003 Tracker 185 Bass Boat with 175hp Mercury SportJet. Runs great. No leaks. It has an 82lb Thrust Motor Guide Digital Tour Trolling motor with 2 Batteries. Also a 3rd Battery for cranking. Comes with a Lowrance Depth Finder and temp gauge. Features Live well, Rod Box, lots of storage, extra seat. You can cruise the rocky rivers in 4 inches of water when on plane. Top speed is in the mid 40's. Asking $8K Contact me at 612-919-1175
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