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  1. a bunch of us go to leech every year do prety good I also have gone to devils lake a few times and did great, stayed at woodlands the have houses out if you don't want to use portables. and from central mn. its faster getting there than going to LOW
  2. thing do vary, my drivers license says I'm 190# on it but it should probable read 200+
  3. http://www.utvpartsandaccessories.com/universal_utv_cab_heaters.htm I put one in mine half price of polaris
  4. I also keep mine on just turn down when, gone get close to three weeks on a #100 with 8x16 shack
  5. I would do it both way just in case !
  6. peerchking

    rear door

    does anybody know where I can get a ramp door for a fish house. I'm going to biuld a nother house this summer and would like to put one in. thanks
  7. now I see 185 viewing, all the lakes are froze over I,v been on a couple differant lake that had 6+ on them. had 1/2" rain yesterday I dont think it hurt to much but I will check ice carefully be for draging everything out.
  8. 150 veiwers on a Sunday morning wow! I'm waiting for wife to get ready then church. Going out this afternoon though
  9. mine got the name THE SHARK SHACK by one of my buddies that would come out, he even made a sign for the inside in the shape of a fish with shark shack on it
  10. I have a 2002 magnum and a 2006 sportsman thee 2002 can sit for a month and still have good cranking power but the 2006 can sit for 2 weeks and might not start (EFI-comp)? but I put battery tenders on them the summer befor last and haven't had a problem since.
  11. I will not have the opritunity to hunt any of these, as there are on land that we have a limited disabilities hunt. but if one of them get one of these deer I would be really really happy
  12. I pull my 8x16 with mt 02 polaris magnum solid ax, my buddy has a 8x18 IC that I would have to pull out for him couse his A.C. 650 would just bottom out. till we made solid blocks to support the wieght. so basicly we made his a solid ax just for ice fishing. I would think that with a dolly system that you are showing even with chains you would not get the traction to pull it.the toung wieght gets you the traction.
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