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  1. On the lakes I usually fish I have been going to the same spots for several years. So I usually only drill enough holes for the people that are fishing with me and set up our pop-up house. While there maybe down time when the fish are moving we do seem to catch a fair amount of fish.
  2. I have been running 3 and 4 pound on my rigs lately. Seems to be a good set up for me.
  3. I second this. Ethanol eats gaskets and diaphragms. Even if you get 91 octane it is still probably 10% ethanol. You may have to rebuild the carb and use non oxy gas.
  4. Post the question in Minnesota Ice Fishing Reports. Best place to get reports from local lakes and such.
  5. I like my Humminbird but it is a Ford vs Chevy deal. Go to the store a look at them and decide which you like the best.
  6. Humminbird. I fish with one and my brother-in-law fishes with a FL-20. No issues whatsoever.
  7. I have used both ( ice-35 and ice-45, vex fl-8 and fl-20) and I prefer the Humminbird. I find screen easier to read and for the money, especially the lower end units, the Humminbirds really shine. Plus since they run on a different frequency than the rest they are less susceptible to interface. But, there are a lot more Vex users out there so you'll probably more people saying that they are better. Either one will help you catch fish.
  8. I use the Fas_Snap on all my ice and open water rods. I love them. Never a problem with them. I use the medium on most rods. I do have some small for a couple ice fishing rods. Like I said, no issues with any. I do quite a bit of walleye fishing in the summer.
  9. If your old FL8 does not have IR then a Humminbird would probably be the best. I used to have an old FL8 and my brother-in-laws FL20 would cause way too much interference to deal with. Now I run an ICE35 and his FL20 and we do not have to touch the IR on either unit.
  10. It is about time Garmin uses Android for their OS. Makes much more sense. I have an Oregon 200 that I have used for several years now and it works really good. While the OS on it is a little clunky, the unit does its job. You can still find the older Oregon GPS's as refurbs for under $200 and that to me seems like a good deal. I have seen the Oregon 450 for 170 and that is an upgrade from my 200.
  11. Thank you for the kind response! Exactly what I was looking for. My college made us get Ipads or else I would have got a Samsung Galaxy or similar.
  12. Anyone run the Navionics maps on an Ipad? Does it work without wifi or network?
  13. You are 3-4 thousand pounds off. That truck should weigh about 8500-9200 lbs. I would wait until there is 15in of ice.
  14. Not too much of an issue with my family. My wife comes from a family that is heavy into fishing, so she understands. I just need to spend as much time with her when I get back on Sunday night. I would have a much harder time if the opener was a week earlier because of the step-daughters birthday.
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    I paid $25 for a lb this morning. Oh well.
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