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  1. Hey mwal. Which county were you hunting in where the timber company caused you so much trouble?
  2. Thanks for all the input guys. I am not much for confrontation so a legal access is probably in my best interest or at the very least an easement. A hunting cabin/land for me is a place to go get away from the stress of everyday life. Not a place to go bicker and fight with the neighbors.
  3. I am thinking about buying some hunting land in the not to distant future and found a parcel in WI that I like but is only accessible by a road that runs across timber company land which is enrolled in the MFL program. Does anyone see any potential problems with a parcel that is situated like this? Does the timber company have to allow use of their road? Is an easement needed or is the timber co even allowed to sell an easement since it is enrolled in MFL? Any input that anyone has regarding a setup like this is much appreciated!
  4. Does anybody have an Alumacraft Classic 165cs with the flip up jump seats in back? If so how do you like them? I think they look pretty cool, looks like a good way to add seating without losing floor space.
  5. They checked the livewell and bildge hoses and said they were not leaking, but found an unpatched hole in the bottom of the hull that they said was about 5/16 of an inch. I have not seen this hole myself.
  6. The only day i have had it wide open was the day i took the family out and was around 5800 rpms. Well besides the day the warning lite were flashing and sirens going off.
  7. The hole I found is under the console and about 2 ft right of center. I do not think the hole is from the trailer rollers. If it were I think there would be stress to the sheet metal. The hole is also not a broken rivet. I almost think that someone deliberately made these holes. As far as the prop it is a reconditioned prop that is 15 pitch. Not sure on diameter. When I had rev limit issue the mechanic recommended switching to a 17 pitch but when the impeller was replace they said the 15 was correct. After the motor was fixed I took it for a ride with my wife and two small kids which is around 475lbs of passengers and was only able to get the boat up to 30 mph. Kinda expected to get mid 30s since my last boat was a crestliner 165 with a 50 4stk johnson and would do 34mph with the same load. The salesman says 30mph is about right for the 70 suzuki. When I was considering buying it he said I could expect around 36mph. Anybody have experience with this boat and similar motor?
  8. When I had rev limit problems it didn't seem to matter how the motor was trimmed. The light came on when I was full throttle regardless of trim location. Also when I first brought it in the mechanic was convinced it was the prop but later changed his mind, that is when they replaced the impeller and primer bulb. Thanks for all the advice guys I really appreciate it!
  9. Do you guys really think they would refund ny money? Still no boat in my garage. Arghhhh
  10. So I bought a 2006 Alumacraft Classic with a 70 up suzuki 4stroke in May. After I bought it it took 2 wks for them to clean it and make sure everything was ready to go. Upon pickup I realized the live well pump and horn did not work. No problem they said they would order parts and take care of it but sent me on my way to use it. First trip out the rev limit light and temp sensor went off as soon as I put the throttle down. Back I went and after having the boat 2 more weeks they replaced the impeller and primer bulb. Took the boat out again and it ran fine but the boat had at least 5 gal of water in it after 4 hr fishing. Upon inspection of the hull, I found a spot the size of a quarter that looks like it was patched with j b weld or something. I did not see this spot before cuz it is near a trailer roller. Took it back again. Dealer said they would pull the floor out to look for leaks and see how that hole was patched. Stopped in at dealer and they said the boat was at a welder to fix the hole I found but also to fix a hole they found that looks like it was made by a 5/16 drill bit. They did not call me before they sent it to the welder so I didn't get to see it. (I really would have liked to see it just so I know what they were going to have to do to fix it) no dents or damage to the hull just 2 holes which is very strange. I was very happy to be getting this boat but now after missing out on five wks of fishing so far and having a boat that I paid good money for at the welder my excitement for the boat is very low. If the dealer agrees to weld it at no cost to me should I be happy? Part of me just wishes I could get my money back and part ways. If I ever try to sell it I think the welded hull is really going to hurt its value. What would you guys do in this situation? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks sorry for rambling. Eric
  11. I checked out a bunch of Muzzle loaders at the store the other day and was not real impressed with the Impact. Like you say it looks like it could be a pain to open in the cold. Two MLs that I did like though were the Traditions Accelerator and the CVA Accura. I really like the feel of the Tradition unfortunately I don't know anybody that has any experience using one.
  12. Just wondering what peoples thoughts are about these two muzzleloaders? Is there any reason to go with the more expensive Omega over the Impact? Is one easier to clean than the other? Any advice to someone trying to get into muzzleloading would be appreciated. Thanks
  13. Anybody know how much a swing tounge for a Karavan trailer would cost? Any recomnedations on where to get one installed? Thanks
  14. Thanks for all the good info guys I really appreciate it.
  15. Anybody have a 2002 Yamaha 80 hp 4 stroke. I am looking at one and am wondering if anybody has had any good or bad experiences with these. Do they start easy? Would this be a motor that would troll down slow enough to troll crank baits or would a kicker be necessary? Any info would be a big help. Thanks
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