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  1. Made a few calls today. Found them in Duluth for $9xx and $100 assembly (very tempting). Called L&M in Cloquet, they have them on their floor for $799. Said they had six in stock....well, 5 now.
  2. I can't say I've ever encountered a merchant that wouldn't match their own advertised price, online or otherwise, provided they have the item in stock. That is neither here nor there if the task at hand is finding one in stock.
  3. Anyone know who has a 1200 lodge in stock between Hinckley and Virginia? I saw L&M had them listed at $799 (yes, a 1200 lodge) on their web site a few weeks ago, which seemed like a darn good price. I see now they don't list any 1200's at all.
  4. I fish Lake Superior a fair amount and have been thinking I should pick up a marine radio for good measure. I'm curious of opinions on fixed mount vs handheld units. I've been contemplating a 36" stainless antenna if I were to get a fixed mount unit but wonder if the range would be any better than with a handheld?
  5. I contacted MarCum and they indicated it was a glitch in the software. I prefer to fish with the blue background and had never even noticed it. In playing around with various settings, I just happened to notice it when I switched to the black background. It's really obvious (and somewhat annoying) with the black background. I switched back to the blue and noticed it flashes there too....it's just much harder to notice the white flashing on blue as opposed to white flashing on black. I'm configured with chart, flasher, bottom zoom and gauges on the blue background.....love it. Even with the chart mode scale bar flash.
  6. I was all set to pick up the LX-7 until I saw how big it is. It looks like a nice unit for my boat, but for ice-fishing it didn't seem practical. I ended up with the LX-6 and couldn't be happier. I prefer to fish with the blue background and you don't notice this much, but the scale bar tick marks in chart mode flash every 30 seconds. With the black background, it's a little annoying. I completely agree on the back button. Seems like something we'll get use to, but would smooth out the menu navigation flow.
  7. I'd either spend another $100 and get a digital (Reeds has the LX-6 for $499, Gander has them on their HSOforum for $599 and get a $100 gift card back) or spend half your budget on a used Vex.
  8. After much consideration between the FLX-28 and the LX-7, I ended up with the LX-6. My only complaint of the LX-6 is the flashing scale bar tic marks in chart mode (which I believe they'll have fixed in a future software release). Considering the things the LX-6 has (such as chart mode) and the things it doesn't have (annoying mechanical hum) I haven't had any second thoughts about my decision. The only FL-28 feature that really piqued my interest was the weed mode and the LX-7 is just too big. I have a couple of FL-8's that have served me well for the last 10-15 years and, all things being equal, I probably have more brand loyalty to Vex....but stepping back I don't see anything that's all that revolutionary with the FLX-28 to justify the additional cost. I just hope the LX-6 lasts me as long as my FL-8's have.
  9. I've had none of the other described issues running v3.17 on my lx-6 but have read about these issues with previous software versions. I've had zero issues with this unit, other than this minor annoyance. I described the issue to MarCum via email yesterday to which they responded "The issue you are talking about is a known software glitch." I guess we'll see if it gets ironed out with the next software update. Gotta say though, even with this glitch, since I've had this unit the FL-8 hasn't sniffed the water.
  10. I've got an LX-6 and noticed that the scale bar tick marks in chart mode flash every 30 seconds. You don't notice it much with the blue background, but with the black background it gets really annoying. Has anyone else noticed this (v3.17)?
  11. Marine_man, in your first pic, is that electrical tape holding the trim lock on on the right hand corner of the sled?
  12. What do you guys think of the trim lock system? I ordered a small pro, planning to replace my X2, but I have some reservations about the otter before I even use it. Some observations while putting it together: 1) How hard would it be to, at the very least, mold the spots on the sled where holes need to be drilled? I understand various reasons not to have the holes pre-drilled but I had to drill 4 extra holes to get the seat bracket mounted in the correct position. For some of us that like to stare at a hole all day, this would be kind of nice but I digress. 2) The bent poles for the canopy bracket, nearest the door, have the button locks on the same side. So on one side the button is on the inside of the shack and on the other side the button is between the pole and the tent material. Oh, well you can just pop the button out and reverse it.....well, put that in the manual. 3) The seat. I mounted the seat on and don't quite understand 2 things. 1) It's a portable, why did they design a seat that adds 40% to the overall weight of the package? 2) If the seat is going to weigh 20 pounds, why would it be designed to lean you forward rather than have you positioned parallel to the ground? I guess I can shim the seat, but why should I have to do that? 4) The trim lock. When I put the tent on and popped the trim lock on to the sled, it spontaneously pops off on the back angles of the sled. Well, that's what happens when the back of the sled has an aggressive angle but the piece of trim lock is straight. I assumed there'd be screws to hold this on but nope, that's it. I can deal with most of these issues, but the trim-lock. Has anyone devised a way to improve this mickey mouse system?
  13. I guess that kind of makes sense but then I think about major ice fishing contests in comparison. The Brainerd Jaycees don't ask for a SSN to enter their contest where there is at least 1 cash prize of $10,000 and several >= $1,000. I'm assuming Pfister can clear this up once and for all, but maybe he's asking for it up front where Brainerd Jaycees is only asking if you win?
  14. SKIPPERS KID, What's the story with the SSN's for the registration? Is this something necessary or am I going to do a credit report a year from now and find out that shortly after I registered I bought a new Ranger boat?
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