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  1. Birdsong

    Fall colors

    Fun! Thanks for sharing them.
  2. Birdsong

    Can you spot the difference?

    Not absolutely certain, but I think maybe I can! Cute.
  3. Birdsong

    Yellow on yellow.

    Cute pose and nice color.
  4. Birdsong

    Plover and Stilt.

    Loooove the first shot. Those eyes!
  5. Birdsong

    A few from SR

    These are very nice! The blue skies are a great help. Love the lamppost and sign and churches.
  6. Birdsong

    Ruby Throated

    I love the background coloring, much like his own. Very nice.
  7. Birdsong

    Goldfinch who's got to go!

    A little privacy please? and a newspaper if you have one? The sports section will do.
  8. Birdsong

    Saturday, 5AM - Where were you?

    Very, very pretty.
  9. Birdsong

    North shore falls & lighthouses

    I love your Judge C R Magney photo. Beautiful. I'm having the same SWMinn readjustment issues after canoeing the Boundary Waters earlier this week. Uck--this humidity is nasty down here.
  10. Birdsong

    Shrooms again

    #6 just sort of dances. Nice work.
  11. Beautiful. I love #9 for no reason that I can think of. An emotional draw of some kind.
  12. Birdsong

    Cuckoo birds.

    Beautiful--I haven't seen one for years.
  13. Birdsong

    Child-rearing avian style

    How lucky you are!!!! Great job.
  14. Birdsong

    Bluebird Houses 3 pics

    At least that dog waited until they fledged! They have been known to move in anyway. Nice photos. I used to monitor the bluebird houses weekly for Camden SP--known for its bluebird population. These brought back good memories. Although I could have gotten along without the woodtick recollection. And maybe the hill climbing memory. Or lugging around a step stool because I was too short flash back. Watching them fledge was always a treat, though.