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  1. I have one for topwater & jerkbaits. It's not very good for crank's. Hard to turn because of the high gears. 5 to 1 is great for the crankbaits. Hope this helps.
  2. Musky Mike

    What line is best?

    Lost, I use it on my flipping and pitching sticks. It works great around wood. I have not seen any difference in the fish mood if the water is off-colored. Dont use it in clear water, you certainly dont have to set the hook as hard.
  3. Musky Mike

    What line is best?

    I agree w/ delmuts. I tried 50# Superbraid, too small diameter. Went back to my line of choice, 80# Tufline. All around better to fish big lures with.
  4. Musky Mike

    Reel for certain rod?

    179.00 for the smaller one, and 219.00 for the larger in the Cabelas catalog.
  5. Musky Mike

    Quantum reels

    I agree, a good cleaning is in order. This is only my opinion, but don't by any more Quantem's. I've owned a couple in the past, nothing but problem's. Sorry, does'nt help you by me ranting and raving. There are places, including Bass Pro Shops, that you can send them to for cleaning & repairs.
  6. Musky Mike

    Reel for certain rod?

    I agree. I have 2 Calcutta's,and 2 Curado's,both Shimano's. I have caught everything from Muskies to catfish. Great for any kind of bass fishing you're going to do. Abu Garcia's C4,is a very good reel for heavy bass fishing. The 5600 series is around $70, very durable. They're all my fishing partner has ever used. Just my 2 cent's. Good luck.
  7. Musky Mike

    1 or 2 piece rod

    I agree, unless it's a portability issue, there is no advantage to a 2 piece.
  8. Musky Mike

    1 or 2 piece rod

    I agree, unless it's a portability issue, there is no advantage to a 2 piece.
  9. Musky Mike

    1 or 2 piece rod

    I agree, unless it's a portability issue, there is no advantage to a 2 piece.
  10. Musky Mike


    Was out on Saturday @ the usual spot. 2 small follow's. Spent most of the time pulling out the dock and pontoon. Water was 47, same as last Sunday. Still not putting the boat away quite yet. Holding out for one more decent weekend.
  11. Musky Mike


    AndyJ, we did have a couple of follows,low40,high30's. All came from 10-15ft. My buddy had a jig& 6" craw absolutely freighttrained, but by the time he caught up with it he was gone. 189 acre lake, with plenty of Skies to go around.
  12. Musky Mike


    Fished Sunday in Wisconsin. Was out from 930-330, caught the only fish of the day. It was my personal best, 50", 24" girth, and thick from nose to tale. Wondering about a weight. Saw her hit a firetiger suick about 8 ft. from the boat! What a rush. Havent heard of much local though.
  13. I forgot to add that I throw a lot of hair, and that really makes for fall showers. ------------------ M. Mike
  14. I could not have said it any better than duck. I use 80 lb. Tuffline. I also use neoprene gloves as the temps. drop. The best thing about being in the front of the boat during fall Muskies, the water from the line rains on your buddy in back. Wear some rain gear! Good Luck!!!!! ------------------ M. Mike
  15. Musky Mike

    Leech Lake in late Sept. or Oct.

    Good point. Try throwing buzz baits right back into them. Good luck. ------------------ M. Mike