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  1. hunt&fish89

    What are your thoughts??

    we are going duck huntin not chasing pheasants
  2. Im headed out to South Dakota over Thanksgiving weekend with some buddies that live out there...They keep telling me we will have no problem finding birds although i believe them seeing some ice on small ponds this weekend has me a little worried what do you guys think???
  3. hunt&fish89

    Low Sights/Shooting Low

    sounds like your arrow rest needs to be adjusted, not your sights
  4. hunt&fish89

    jiffy auger problem

    i have a jiffy model 31 auger. the clutch spring broke so i ordered one offline and replaced it but now the bit moves even when the auger is at idle (and it isn't idling too high). does anyone know how to fix this problem?
  5. hunt&fish89

    2009 Waterfowl Photos

    is there anyone that would upload pics if i emailed the pics to you
  6. hunt&fish89

    Dog training collar

    how much do the dogtra models cost that you have?
  7. hunt&fish89

    Panfish Photo Gallery

    [Note from admin - please read forum policy before posting again]
  8. I want to get a training collar for my lab for hunting and i dont know much about them...so what kinds do all of you have and/or what kind would you recommend...thanks for your help
  9. I have harvested 3 turkeys with a shotgun and this year i am going to try and get one with a bow. I have a few questions... what kind of broadhead do you use and where do you aim on the bird?
  10. hunt&fish89

    Strike Master to the rescue!!!!!

    i will carry around a little more weight around for durability. Note from admin, please read forum policy before posting again, thank you.
  11. i would prolly have your scale checked for accuracy
  12. hunt&fish89

    Strike Master to the rescue!!!!!

    im just saying the jiffy that u used must have had some really dull blades or it was in need of a tune up
  13. hunt&fish89

    Spring Bobbers

    st. croix is the way to go
  14. hunt&fish89

    Fishing Hole sizes?

    pretty sure a lantern would fall down a 9" hole and possible even a 8"