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  1. local boy

    Honeycomb ice

    unfortionatly u usualy dont see it till u step on it, then the fun really starts.
  2. i was wondering how you boys out there in the great state of south dakota do early ice for perch, i frequent the ne part of the state to go duck hunting but havent fished there, any info would be usuful, thanks.
  3. has anyone fished in the minaki area recently, i'm leaving on sat to go up there and i havent been up there these early in a long time and was wondering how everyone is doing. any info or reports would be great. thanks!
  4. local boy


    jiggingspoon my dad is in the aquarium buisness, we have many tanks around my house, many of which that we are willing to sell, i would recomend a 55 gal plus, it gives the fish extra room plus u can have othere fish to, i would use and undergravel filter system and hydroclean the gravel once or twice a month and change water once or twice a month, and u need to get declor for your water e-mail me if u wanna know more or want to get a tank [email protected]
  5. anyone fished mille lacs and caught decent number of perch?
  6. anyone cought any panfish through the ice yet?
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