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  1. Kylersk: Here is what my Uncle used many years ago in his house. He mad a tube the size of the holes in the house and 2 1/2 to 3 feet long out of S.S. The bottom end was covered and he would place a hook on the outside of the bottom. When he would leave he would snap a chain to the small hook on the bottom and the other end of the chain to his metal minnow bucket and then he would put the minnow bucket down the hole slide the S.S. tube into the hole. He would have to place something heavy on top of the tube to keep it down. When he came back he would remove what ever he had on top dump a small amount of lighter fluid into the tube light a match drop it into the tube lighter fluid would light and in a short time the tube would heat up and the tube would slide up out of the hole. You then remove the tube from the hole along with your minnow bucket. You not only have fresh minnows you also have a clean fishing hole. I have no idea what it would cost today to make the tubes, but they sure work great. Just and idea hope it helps. Roy
  2. Norco, Here is what I do when putting the boat on the trailer( 17’) I have a bunk trailer and this is what I do. I have the top of my fenders about 1 inch or so above the water. This has worked for me but at times I'm still off center. One thing that I did do to help with the problem was I put giudes on at the back of the trailer and they help with the centering. Hope this helps. Roy
  3. It sounds like you have the same problem that I had on my first boat. I had a Johnson 40 hp and it would not charge the bat because of a small rectifier. I was told that Johnson would put in a bigger rectifier for $600.00 way to much for me . What I had to do when on the lake and starting the motor off and on moving around at least once during the day I would have to run around the lake wide open for sometime to charge up the cranking bat this way I was sure of getting off the lake. I also started caring jumper cables with me and when the bat. went dead I would jumper off my trolling bat. Later on I dumped the boat and motor and picked up a bigger one.
  4. Found a livewell liner at Bass Pro for $15.00. The only thing wrong is that it will only handle panfish. Not much help if your looking to keep the bigger fish. Roy
  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATT. Enjoy your day.
  6. To everyone have a very Merry Christmas and a good New Years. But most of all have a safe holidays. I hope this season that I'm able to get out and meet some of you FM's.
  7. Chemist, I have a Suburban and with the back set up it is 60 + inches to the back hatch. I would think that your portable would fit. Hope this helps.
  8. I use the Palomar knot all the time, and for the same reason that Foot said not as abrasive and easy to tie when the hands are cold and the wind is blowing.
  9. I have a 2001 Alumacraft 175 Tourney Pro with a 115 Suzuki 4 stroke. I agree with localGuide it’s a sweet,smooth ride. For my .02 cents I would go with the Alumacraft. Have a good day.
  10. Taxman: I put a three bank charger on my boat two years ago. When I come home from the lake I just plug into a outlet in the garage and I’m ready to go the next day. Another plus that I like is I don’t have to remove the three batteries from the boat in the winter. The charger monitors the batteries and when they drop one volt the charger kicks in and tops them off. I’m getting to old to care three batteries down to the basement in the winter and back up. Battery Plus has single charges that I used I mounted one in the boat and the other one I mounted on a board that I would hook up to the trolling motor battery. I had no problem and I had them for five years, I also used them during the winter to monitor the batteries. Have a good day
  11. STEP & 1/2


    66 and love fishing with the grand kids.
  12. STEP & 1/2

    Trolling Motor??

    Muddywater, I have a 17.5 ft. Alumacraft with a 115 hp. I have a Minnkota bow mount 65lb. 54 inch shaft and I went for a 24V system on the trolling motor. There is a big differents over the 12V system that I had on the old boat. In rough water with the longer shaft I have know problem with the motor coming out of the water.
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