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  1. Thanks to all for your input on this deer. Pretty sure that if I see this deer this weekend there will be crosshairs on him ASAP! In all the years we have been hunting this piece of land, I have never seen a deer near as nice as he is. I have taken a few very nice bucks over the years but nothing near as nice as this. What would make me very happy is if some how my father could take this animal. In twenty-two years of hunting together he has yet to take a whitetail. Pretty sure he never will and is just there to be with us, but that is my wish. Also won't be disapointed if I happen to take him : ) Hope you all have a great weekend, great hunting and most of all great memories with great friends.
  2. I went and checked my cameras on Sunday. Was very happy to see this guy on 4 of 5 cameras. What do you guys think he would score? Shooter or let him grow another year?
  3. Beautiful pic's!!! 150's for sure maybe more?
  4. Went out a checked my camera after a week. I now have four new bucks coming in that I have not seen all year. Fawns are still with there moms. But should be splitting up soon. Still no Mr. Big, but it won't be long now!!!
  5. I second the CVA Optima Pro. I think I paid right around 300 and it has been a great gun. I can hit a 6in paper plate at a 100yds 3 out of 3 shots with open sights (now when a deer of a lifetime is 75yds broadside standing still, I missed. But not the guns fault). Anyways, GREAT gun for the money. I also have a entry level Knight Smokepole that has also been a good learning gun for less the 200.
  6. I have three different rifles .308, 30-06 and the 7mm. The 7mm has been the onlt rifle I have shot for the past few years. Hands down, the 7mm wins in my book. But the other two are also great rifles. Good luck with what ever you buy. It does not matter what you buy as long as you are comfortable with it and you can shoot well with it.
  7. When does one know when to start rattleing, grunting and Doe bleats. If one starts to early can it scare off other deer? Just wondering as I have never done any of it.
  8. I just went out and checked my camera today and found a pic of two newborn fawns. Thay can't be more then a week or two old. All the other fawns I had coming in are a lot bigger and no spots what so ever. These two are covered in bright white spots. Is this common and will they make it?
  9. I had the same thing happen only differance I had NO blood trail after a good pass through. Found the arrow right away and called a buddy for help, we looked a long time with no blood found. I knew I heard him stumble on the rocks by the R&R tracks so we went to look there. I found him 10' off the tracks. He didn't go 40yds but no blood what so ever. What I found was the arrow took out both lungs and then deflected some how and came out further back on the deer. The exit hole was sealed by a very fatty material right away causeing no blood loss. As you can see in the pic's it was a huge entry hole and in the second pic the fatty material. (The dog in the pic is not mine, my buddy had to bring it with. But that's my future hunting Bud in the first pic the wife loves it when I bring home game!!!!)
  10. I have the same problem with one of my three Cuddebacks. One of them is onlt three months old. Also did not save the reciept or the packaging, called the help line (good luck getting through) one big tip for you when it asks you two select a call area go to the sales dept. funny how they haveanswered every time. The support line NEVER picks up and you will not get a call for many days if you leave a message. Anyways, they told me that there was nothing they could do for me unless I wanted to send in $75.00 plus $10.oo S&H. to have them look at my brand new camera. I will admit I got a little upset with this answer. Bottom line, I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER PRODUCT FROM THEM!!! Camera still does not work!!!
  11. Well I always see a lot of shrinkage when I come out of cold water. So I would not put it in cold water;) What was your green score? What does it take to make the book?
  12. Swap Buck


    I know a few people have taken them out bear hunting and they worked great, still got there bears and no bugs. Little different for me, I used it the first night I sat out and it worked great!! I never had a bug buzz me even once. BUt on the other hand, I also had no bears come it. Now I know that it may have been something else keeping the bears out. But I had 5-7 different bears coming in all day every day (and I mean all day) morning, noon and night. The day I used the Thermocell no bears. So I did not bring it with me the second day, what do you know bears three different ones to be exact (missed one of them). Third day I took a very nice bear early in the evening. So I guess I personaly would not use one for bear hunting, unless I sarted leaving one out there running each time I baited 2-3 weeks before opener. BUT THEY DO WORK!!!!
  13. A 130-140 class deer is a pretty nice deer to pass up. If you can do it, good for you. I hope the big boy comes in for you. To help you out, I think you should tell us exactly where this public land is. That way we will all be sure to stay away and leave all those bucks to you. Come on, if you post here do you really think anyone will find out? ; ) Good Luck with the monster!!
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