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  1. Will there be an ice fishing show this year in Duluth? I thought the one last year was great, and am looking forward to another this year.
  2. What's a cross breed, and who makes it?
  3. What's a good pocket holster for an LCP with LaserMax? What type holster do you use, those of you that own one?
  4. Timber

    Tow hitch?

    I'm looking for a tow hitch for a 2 inch receiver for my ATV that has a hole for a 2 inch ball and a hole for a pin connection, so I don't have to keep changing tow hitches. Anyone know where I can get one?
  5. I have a 2012 IQ LXT 550 Polaris snowmobile that is extremely difficult to pull over when cold. The elec. start won't even turn it over. I tried pulling the plugs and that didn't make it any easier. Once it starts and runs for a while it's easier to pull start. It has 1300 miles on it. Any idea why?
  6. Timber

    ATV trail maps

    Where can I get ATV trail maps for NE MN?
  7. I live in NE MN, have an ATV, and am considering getting a side by side. Can I drive a side by side on the same trails as an ATV? How does the "useability" differ between the two? What are the down sides of getting a side by side?
  8. I bought a used 2010 Polaris 550, and almost can't pull the rope start. Once it gets going it's OK to rope start. I know it's cold, but I've never had a snowmobile this difficult to rope start. What could be wrong?
  9. I'm planning on getting one of these. Anyone have one? Good or bad?
  10. I bought a used Lund 16 Classic with a 40 hp Honda (2005). Electric start, trim and tilt, tiller. I'm having a difficult time starting the motor. I squeeze the bulb and turn the key, and it'll turn over, but won't start. It may "kick" a few times, but won't start. If I'm lucky and it does start, it runs perfectly----all day long. Even re-starting it several times. But once it sits for a day or more, it will not start. I changed the plugs. Changed the fuel filter. Same problem. Before I bring it in, is there anything else I should try?
  11. I live in northern MN, and did the same thing you're talking about doing. I have 3-season room that's 12 x 12 and sits 8 ft. off the ground. The ceiling and walls are insulated, thermopane windows, but no insulation under the floor. I decided last year to insulate the floor and heat the room for use during the winter. I used 6 inch fiberglass insulation. Big mistake. Room was cold. I am going to re-do the floor insulation this summer, and will use foam insulation. I am going to put 3 layers of 2 inch foam, using canned spray foam to seal all the joints and cracks. This method is cheaper than having someone foam it. With foam you don't have to worry about a vapor barrier. With this I should get an R-value of over 30, compared to the 15 to 19 with the fiberglass. Less air infiltration also.
  12. Timber

    Which ATV 2-up?

    I'm considering the 550 touring, but also the X2 also. You can't get power steering with the X2. Have you found that to be a problem?
  13. I am going to buy a Polaris ATV, and will use it for snow plowing. I am considering the Polaris poly (nonmetallic) plow blade, and am wondering what people think of it. Any good?
  14. Timber

    Which ATV 2-up?

    I want to buy a 2-up ATV for my wife and I. I would also use it for snow plowing. I am looking at Polaris, Arctic Cat, and Can Am. Any thoughts?
  15. I have hunted deer for over 50 years, starting in the 50's, missing only one year, 1971 when the season was closed because of low deer numbers. I am nearly 70 yrs. old, and feel very fortunate to be able to hunt now, because I don't remember it being any better. When I first hunted, you were lucky to see a deer. If someone were to tell me then that I would be able to shoot more than one deer in a year, I would have said they were crazy. Let alone four deer. Hunters today just don't know how good they've got it. Over 50 years of hunting, these latest years are the best. There are hunters who complain about the lack of deer, but consider there are approximately 500,000 deer hunters. The average success rate is around 30%. That would mean 150, 000 shoot a deer, and 350,000. don't. Even if the success rate were 50%, that would mean 250,000 didn't shoot a deer. That is more than enough people to complain about the number of deer, the DNR, the weather, or whatever. And with communications the way they are today, the complainers have a large and immediate audience. Quit looking for excuses why you didn't shoot a deer, and enjoy the hunt.
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