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  1. I am naive enough to believe that significant changes in cpue means it got better, some of the time. If there are billions of small pike, and introducing a large apex predator such as musky to the system significantly lowers the cpue and increases quality, I am all about that
  2. Looks like you are right del. Disregard my previous comment.
  3. I am quite sure target practicing is illegal on public ground that is not a range. I don't see why anyone would care but people, incLudington co's can act strange at times. Just a heads up.
  4. If you look at a picture taken in the winter, 20 years ago. Then look at one from today you would ask "where did everyones coats go? Besides the thigh pads, which rarely get worn, they are still getting the same amount of protection, if not more, with less bulk. So it looks like less pads.
  5. Cross tagging is illegal in SD, but do not think for a second it does not happen. The tag is the license so once you shoot your deer, you no longer have a license. But, there is an awful lot of "I cant hunt any more this season, here is my tag".
  6. I bought one of them several years ago. After looking mine over another guy at deer camp had one the following year. We both love the gun and the 25-06 seems to be a great deer caliber. I paired mine with a leupold vxIII. The guy at deer camp put a nikon buck master on his. Congrats on winning a great gun, we are both extremely happy with ours.
  7. creepworm

    Go Bison!

    If they play up to their opponents how do explain the loss against Montana. SDSU vs. NDSU is each schools biggest rivalry game. They get amped up and NDSU was more amped up than SDSU and beat them. Every word Hawgchaser wrote is right on the money. NDSU is simply not the undeniable powerhouse they have been in past years. They are still a good team, just not the runaway top team in FCS that is heads and tails ahead of the rest. Oh, and I agree. GO JACKS!!!
  8. creepworm

    Go Bison!

    Limit has been noticeably absent from this thread, wonder why?
  9. Even when bird numbers are "low", there are still more birds than you will know what to do with in the gettysburg area.
  10. creepworm

    Go Bison!

    Maybe that is steamrolling, but in years past ndsu had such a great defense the 14 and 9 scores posted by the opposing team would have been 0 or 3.
  11. creepworm

    Go Bison!

    Ndsu seems to be a bit down this year. An early loss and haven't been steamrolling lesser opponents like the past few years. Sdsu has moved on from Zach zener better than anyone could have imagined. I forsee a close game between two great teams. As far as predictions, I like to think Sdsu pulls it out, but I would not be willing to put money on either team.
  12. Charles, Moncrief, Olsen. By quite a bit. But then again I traded Antonio Brown for Brandin Cooks and Lesean Mccoy in a ppr league before the season started. So, that shows my level of expertise.
  13. Won't be showing up in Fargo this year, NDSU lost their first game of the season. Still makes me laugh thinking about it.
  14. creepworm

    Go Bison!

    Typical NDSU fan. Talks a big game but when things don't go their way they take their ball and run home crying. Seriously, Montana. That is a bad loss.
  15. creepworm

    Go Bison!

  16. Check your nocks before shooting your arrows. Yesterday I was shooting and after a few rounds I released and the arrow simply fell off to the side. The nock must have been cracked and broke when i released causing me to essentially dry fire my bow. Not real awesome.
  17. creepworm


    At least he will be back for the playoff run.
  18. Yes, some domestic ducks can fly. And this is a domestic duck that escaped.
  19. Till the lime in. It needs to come in contact with soil in order to react with it and raise the pH. If it is not tilled in, it will only neutralize the pH on the surface, where it will do no good. Also, the reaction of the lime can take anywhere from weeks to years depending on the size of your liming material. If the pH is borderline it most likely won't be a big deal but if it is real bad it could be.
  20. I am not an expert, but I would think the big push will blow through SD pretty quick looking at the conditions and the forecast. Which is fine, the big push is fun to see, the juvies that come behind them are fun to hunt.
  21. Saw a few bigger flocks in the Yankton SD area yesterday afternoon.
  22. One more thing, just because I feel this statement is very asinine. If we manage the deer herd based on safety, our goal should be 0 deer. Very few to no deer hunters would mean very few to no deer hunter accidents. Also, there would be the plus of less car deer collisions or collisions caused by swerving to miss deer. Zero deer would be about as safe as it gets.
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