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  1. labsareus

    Dogs and mushrooms ?

    We stopped the Meds as he was still vomiting every so often. No problems since !!
  2. labsareus

    Dogs and mushrooms ?

    We really had a weird experience on Saturday with our 1 yr old lab. We were fishing on the river by Red Wing and while the dog was fine all morning, when we took him to shore the second time my son saw him get into something by a tree. Within 10 minutes he was staggering in the boat and almost fell down. He also had a bobbing motion to his head. We took him to shore again (different area) and he seemed fine. Back in the boat and again he almost fell over and had a weird side to side motion. We headed home thinking that he had gotten into something toxic and when we stopped to check on him on the road he wouldn't even get out of his kennel and just looked at us like he was in pain. We went to the emergency hospital in AV and they wanted to give him Xrays etc. Something about a how he was hunched over and that he could have been injured jumping into the boat. (actually made me feel guilty like I had beaten him or something) No diagnosis as there was no chunks of anything in his vomit but they gave him Morphine and wanted to keep him overnight. We kept him home last night and today he is running around like a wild man--no need for the pain Meds that they gave him !! Any ideas ? My wife thinks inner ear or that he got boatsick, I am leaning on the mushroom theory as he has been in a boat since he was 8 wks old. Either way, the checkbook is lighter today.
  3. labsareus

    Shedding problems inside dog

    Thanks for all the suggestions and I will try the Furminator this weekend. The vacuum thing is a no go for my pup as he hides as soon as it comes out !! We used a different tool to brush him last weekend (3 times) and it made a real difference, so it has to be excess hair that can be reduced. Bottom line is that Mom is happier and both my pup and I can rest easier !!
  4. labsareus

    Shedding problems inside dog

    I am looking for help as our 11 month old Lab is in jeopardy with the wife. He has always shed some but lately we are finding that it has gotten worse. He is healthy and he doesn't lose any big clumps, just a constant cleanup on the floors etc. Are there cycles that dogs go through or will this likely continue ? We brush him regulary and this helps for a day or so. Has anyone tried the No Shed suppliments ? Any truth to the sales claims ? Actually, the dog is probably safe but I might be sleeping outside for bringing him home unless I figure something out !
  5. labsareus

    Crate Training???

    Thanks for the suggestions on the bell training. I will start this soon as it sounds like a neat idea.
  6. labsareus

    Crate Training???

    The bell things sounds like a good idea. Do you just use a rattle type bell or something electronic ? Might be fun to work with our 11 month old on these colder nights.We haven't had the accident issue since we crated our pup from day one--but preventions keeps the Ms of the house happy and we all know what that means !!
  7. labsareus

    Young dog and goose retrieves

    Just a question for someone with more experience. Is it normal for a Lab to be OK retrieving geese on the water but not picking them up when shot on land ? Does this take some time or is there something I can do to help train him on this ? My Lab is 9 months and the first water retrieve ever was a goose (made sure that it was dead) and several since. However on Saturday we shot 4 and while he would beat feet to the downed bird, he would not pick them up. He did chase down a wounded one across a plowed field but then just sat by it until I made it to him.
  8. I have a Lab that we sent to Ed Fritz at Wildlife Kennels in Morristown. He only trains 6 dogs at a time and trains for both Field Trials and regular hunting expactations. He asked a lot of questions to understand what we would be hunting for and what our expectationa were. (my wife wanted a walking partner with obedience) We have been very happy with our dog (I get him on weekends)Ed does a real nice job with his clients that we have seen so far.
  9. labsareus

    Best options for rawhide chews

    Thanks for all the suggestions. I have used the Kongs, my wife fills with peanut butter and pushes in a dog biscuit to keep him from getting it all right away. Not as cool when he shakes his head tho. I like the idea of freezing the contents in the Kong as this should take longer. Also the idea of fresh knuckle bones--the wrapped ones in the stores smell up the kennel box. Our pup does not have the run of the house so I like to keep him busy on something while in HIS area. Thanks again
  10. labsareus

    Best options for rawhide chews

    Looking for your experience and what you have found to be good choices for rawhide type chews. We have tried everything that we can find so far and most rolled rawhide options don't last long with our young Lab. He doesn't like the kind with knots on the ends so the others are too easy to bite off and devour. Most last less than an hour. With colder weather I am looking for something to keep my bud occupied. Wood isn't a good option when he is inside.
  11. Not looknng for anyone's honey hole but do have a question. Looks like the Mn River from Lesuer on is OK but where does the Refuge start past Belle Plaine ? The maps show State Land on the South side but it doesn't really show where the refuge starts to cross both sides of the river. We fished this part of the river this summer and it looked like fun for some time away from the couch !!
  12. I took my son out of school today for what we thought might be a last day on the ponds. Too prophetic I guess. All the small to medium ponds were locked up west of the cities--Belle Plaine. We tried to break ice but it was at least an inch. Ended up on the Mn river. Not much going on.
  13. Thanks for the good ideas. I checked out the stand and it could work for us. I might work over the summer on something that would be a bit more portable as we usually walk 1/2 plus miles in to the ponds we are talking about.
  14. We usually hunt out of a boat but hunted a small pothole over the weekend and had trouble keeping the dog up and out of the water. He did well to stay on land and come out when he heard shots (we disappointed him too often)Any ideas or tools that you have used ? My goals is to get something portable but sturdy. Thanks for any help.
  15. labsareus

    Mute Swan

    Based on my experience--unless you are looking to mount it, don't shoot it. I can eat almost anything but swan tastes the worst !! My nephew had a tag in SD and we ate a breast for Thanksgiving--horrible.