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  1. JJB

    Keepin bait alive

    I have never had luck trying to keep chubs for long, shoot Im happy to keep them for more than 24 hrs. I can keep suckers a while but its not a sure thing. Usually I will fill a cooler with cool water from the well. Remember the bait shops water is usually 55-60 degrees so you have to try and maintain that temp as much as possable. Usually I freeze pop bottles or 1/2 milk jugs and leave them in the cooler and use one of them cheap bubblers for a fish tank. This will olny keep them till you are able to get more. Where I get bait they restock on thursdays every week like most. As long as you get them before there gone you will have bait for a few days but if you need them any longer you will want to flush the cooler every day. Like one of the other guys said I usuall just run the hose in there for a few minnutes. Before you put new bait in make sure to clean the cooler and let it dry. Seems to do ok for suckers. Bullheads dont need much usually I just leave them in a 5 gallon bucket till I use them and change the water every day or two. Usually I use them in a week and the bucket works for that.
  2. Thanks Dave, I have used a dropper line out of my boat but always worry about it wraping around when I have to make a long cast. But I suppose with the weight of the bait helps keep things straight. I will give it a try this weekend. I have not had the pleasure of gars nippin my baits "yet" We usually get into a few out on the croix but nothing on the sippi yet. Last night I tryed out a new spot up by work and finally got into some good solid runs. Turned out to be some nice channels(6-10lbs). I wasnt able to get very big suckers and theY were hammering them. I brought 7 suckers 5-7 inches they were all gone in a little over an hour). I was out of there before it got dark with no flatties to show for it
  3. There are a few small bays near where the basins split. Usually there are some areas out of the wind that offer good sun. We have seen some monsters in there but never had the bow with.
  4. Just wondering what size weights and styles work best for you guys. Last year I was useing 1 1/2 oz bell sinkers that I hammered flat. They worked great but I wanted to try some others to see how they worked. The last few nights out I have been using 3 oz pancakes and had more fish drop the bait in the last 2 nights than I think I did last year . I have been fishing a cut bank that gets some good flow. Its about 12-15 fow at the deep end of the cut. Next time down I am going lighter and see how it goes. I fish other areas with wood and the heavier ones seem to do better holding the bait in one place but they seem to drop the bait more there also. I havnt had any hammer the bait the last few night either so maybe its just the mood they are in but I might go back to what was working but b4 I do that I wanted to see what works best for you guys in deep/shallow/wood/rock/ect.... Thanks, Good luck out there guys/gals
  5. Thanks Rueben, That does sound slick Ill check it out.
  6. I fish out of a 16 foot lund rebel and they do not have much for storage. I usually have 6-8 rods with and would like to find a holder that stands vertical while I am running the boat to clear up some floor space. I just worry about using the storage area they have in the boat or laying them on the floor because I usually have a dog running around in the boat. Is there any durable products out there that may do the job?? I was going to build something but it would be nice to see a few for some ideas. Thanks
  7. Pool 3 was the ticket for me last year. I spent 2 weeks to really see how big of a fish I could catch and ended up with a 25 and a 40 along with quite a few smaller ones. All were caught during daylight off shore witch made it real easy to do during weekdays with work. Ill pm you a pic and you can get a good idea where and what was working for me.
  8. Minong flowage muskie The color looked like the gobblin from spider man.
  9. Just checking to see if anyones been up the the English yet to see the water conditions. We will be back up in Manitou falls in a couple weeks and was wondering how high the water was this year?
  10. JJB

    How they bitin'?

    I usually dont start fishing cats till the eyes quiet down. We usually start catching channel while targeting eyes in another week or two and the flats usually dont get to active for a week or two after the channels. This is olny what we experience but I am sure they are out there feeding. You just have to be in the right spot. I wait till July to start hitting kitties and they are usually in full force by that time. Sorry that may not be too much help but it the best I can tell ya. I did catch my biggest flat out of the croix in the first week of june 2 years ago but that was mostly all luck.
  11. Is a compound ok to use for shooting carp????? I would love to start shooting my compound but have olny used recurves for carp. If so is there anything special you have to do with you compound(draw weight, arrow rest, ect...) I see some of you use compounds but for some reason I have always believed you have to use a recurve But I dont know why. Right now my compound is set at 67lbs and I am shooting out of a biscut cut for carbons so I might need to grab a cheap arrow rest?
  12. Lower Pool 2 and 3 on the miss are packed with back sluws and bays. Anywhere you have shallow muddy areas with dead water there will be a ton of carp in there on sunny days. Some bays are a lot better than others but most hold fish. We have not seen many monsters but alot of 5-10 lb fish. Clearwater up by St Cloud used to have some HAWGS!!!! I have heard of fish up there that put the hook and line record to shame. But olny "heard" about them . We used to fish it just for carp some days because every fish you caught was huge.
  13. JJB

    Rock and No Roll

    Hastings outdoors down off 61 in hastings got some no rolls this year finally. They have 1-3 oz now and if he gets a few request for heavier Im sure they will get them. I think they were 50-75 cents apiece.
  14. Its a plastic bobber and I can olny imadgine the top spring is whats got it wedged so good. When I get home tonight I am going to try and find something to break it loose from the back and atleast get it back to where I can see it. Then its a toast I have plenty of pvc cement and the way that stuff bonds it should break the bobber before it lets go Thanks for the ideas
  15. Thanks guys, I have tried the hose but it didnt do it, I tried to push it from the well and think i hung it up pretty good so took out the air and still didnt get it. I bet busting it up would be the best bet. Even if I can get it back up to the 90 I can try you idea Zap and get out the cement. Im sure it has to be 6ft plus to the well from the back. Where could I find something that long that will at least push it back to the well? I think we tried a snake and couldnt get it to move. Thanks agian!
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